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14 Day Fat Furnace

Discover how to lose 14 lbs. in 14 days! Learn how YOU can burn body fat with ease and turn your body into an efficient, lean, fat burning machine, 24/7

Finally…Ultimate City Fitness has created a system that will help you solve this and other fat loss problems you might be dealing with. It’s easier when you know how!

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As featured in Men’s Health where Ex England Football Legend John Barnes lost nearly 2 stone of fat. He dropped 7% Body Fat and 4 inches off his waist in less than a month whilst adding lean muscle. All following the nutritional principles set in the 14 Day FAT FURNACE!

Now is your chance to get hold of the FULL meal plan, all the tips and tricks not mentioned in the magazine, the instruction videos and get the great results and much, much more!

The 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ is an in-depth, COMPLETE plan to allow anyone to reset their metabolism to maximise fat burning.

With the 14 Day Fat Furnace interactive blueprint, you will feel more energy, have better mental acuity, experience better sleep, enjoy better moods, and you’ll burn LOADS OF FAT!!

14 Days to a new you! Just follow the plan!

Gavin Gillibrand BSc. & Tom Dyer…two of London’s finest Body Transformation experts have discovered the SECRETS to extreme fat/weight loss and will show you how to lose 14 lbs. in 14 days in the safest way possible without crash dieting.

Discover how to lose 14 lbs. in 14 days! Learn how YOU can burn body fat at ease and turn your body into an efficient, lean, fat burning machine, 24/7.

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Have you ever wondered why you don’t get the fat loss you crave? Ever wonder what’s stopping you from dropping those extra pounds? Well, we at Ultimate City Fitness have created a plan to solve those problems. Its easier when you know how.

The 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ is designed to give your body an immediate KICK START into burning lots of body fat. It’s not a quick fix weight loss solution (although you will lose fat).

It’s a scientifically proven method used by ourselves and many other individuals over the years with PROVEN, FANTASTIC results.

The 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ plan has a 2 week, all-inclusive training plan which can be performed in a gym or from the comfort of your home. It includes a 2 week meal plan scientifically proven to ACCELERATE fat loss without feeling hungry.

The meal plan is very healthy and will leave you feeling energised, alert and help to shift that unwanted body fat very quickly. 14lbs weight loss in 14 days is not uncommon, IF the plan is followed without deviation. That is the key. We designed the plan over 2 weeks with you in mind. TWO WEEKS is attainable for ANYONE.

The key to sustained weight loss is to burn fat and to add metabolic muscle. This is how the 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ works!

The 80+ PAGE interactive plan includes step by step instruction on how to train correctly and how to maximise your fat loss and lean muscle gain in 2 weeks. The training schedule uses exercises that have been proven to burn lots of fat and fast! Tried and tested routines that we currently use ourselves and have used on 1000’s of individuals just like YOU over the last 10 years.

You will literally burn fat like a blast furnace. Imagine burning body fat as you sit on the computer and when you are asleep? Sounds great right?

Stick to the 14 Day FAT FURNACE and here’s what will happen!

A 2 week meal plan has been planned that will help you shift unwanted body fat yet leave you feeling energised and NOT craving the foods you used to! This meal plan is the key to losing the maximum amount of body fat in just 2 weeks. When followed it is extremely powerful and will hopefully teach you how to eat correctly for the future. We know that you will get excellent results from this plan. We want you to get AMAZING results from this plan and we know you will, if you trust us and follow the plan. People also gain lean muscle as they are not following an old school and out of date calorie restrictive diet!

Many of you reading this have been receiving our emails/newsletters for the last year. You know us and you trust us and believe that we are experts in the field of FAT LOSS. (to receive our free weekly newsletters CLICK HERE now)

This is a plan that will fit into your busy and hectic lifestyle. Many of our clients work in the Square Mile in the City of London. They don’t have the time to waste!

14 Day FAT FURNACE System

14 Day Meal Plan

  • A 14 day Meal Plan with sample meal ideas, and combination ideas to keep things interesting
  • Fat Melting Video Series :: Is it possible to set you bodies fat burning switch to ‘ON’ from doing as little as 4 minutes high intensity exercise a day? Science says YES! You’ll see how with these interactive instruction videos.
  • Some recipes of some snacks that will help control temptation and taste great.
  • The absolute best breakfast combinations to maximise fat loss and why.
  • If you are out at work, what to buy and eat that will not blow the plan.
  • Our City restaurant tip that will keep you energised from breakfast to lunch.
  • A refreshing way to make a sandwich that is carb free and tastes great.
  • The only oil you should be using if fat loss is your goal!
  • Links to the best supplements at the best prices.
  • More than 80 Pages of the latest information to make you succeed!
free bonus

10 Secret Fat Loss Tips

Learn the “fat loss secrets” that PT’s and nutritionists know yet won’t tell you. You will be shocked and amazed when you read this! These tips are new and have not been mentioned on the site, our BLOG or in our newsletters!

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Alcohol & Fat Loss

The low down on ALCOHOL and fat loss. The truth revealed. Learn what is the best alcohol to drink and why and what has the least calories. You can still have fun on all your social occasions!

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The PH Effects of Food Report

This chart and report explains why it’s essential to balance the ph of the foods that you eat to ensure fat loss and optimum health.

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14 Day Training Plan

A 14 day Training plan with pictures to give you the fast-track to Fat Loss with compound movements and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This easy to use training plan is quick, simple yet highly effective and will help you blast away as much body fat as possible in double-quick time!

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A Home/Hotel Training Plan

A home/hotel training plan, that will help keep the metabolism high if you cannot access a gym for the 14 days. Your results needn’t be affected if you are on the road with work or on holiday with your friends and family. Learn how you can maximize your fat loss and still enjoy travelling. Best of all, its over in just 12 minutes per day!

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Life After the 14 DFF

The Life After The 14 Day FAT FURNACE Report. This report alone has had amazing feedback as it gives you a blueprint of what to eat once the 14DFF is over. Which foods will keep the furnace burning and which will slow it back down. If followed FAT LOSS will continue well into the future. Once the fat is lost you want to keep it lost and keep losing more! The Life After The 14 Day FAT FURNACE plan ensures that happens!!!! (plan included in Book)

Think about that the average cost of a PT session in the City of london is £50 (more if you train with us). Many PT’s charge more on top for meal plans and other extras. This is for one hour and when it’s gone it’s gone.

Our 14 Day FAT FURNACE plan will cost you less than £1.45 a day! That’s less than the price of a decent coffee from Starbucks these days.

Is less than £1.50 a day worth a complete body transformation? How about looking over some of the testimonials from people that have already completed the 14DFF. They are shown at the bottom of this page.

That equates to £19.99. Yes, just £19.99 to celebrate John’s awesome results in Men’s Health. We have valued the plan at well over £150 but we want to over deliver this time and help you guys get amazing results.

So act now to secure your copy at this great price, be an action taker and take advantage of this amazing deal, NOW, Today!

To make things even better, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee


If you are not 100% satisfied with any element of the plan. If you don’t get results, you don’t like the workout, anything! Just contact us and you will receive your money back 100%. You can even keep the plan for free if you like and still get your money back. We can’t say fairer than that can we? Who else does that?

We are so confident you will love the 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ plan, we can make such bold guarantees.

All we ask in return is that you document how much you lose and let us know. Just take a few key measurements, and weigh yourself at the start and finish (with the same scales at the same time of the day) and let us know how much you have lost. The best testimonials will get an added bonus. More on that in the plan. The measurements are more important than the weighing though! You’ll see why in the FAQ section of the plan.

So what are you waiting for? It’s all here for you. Click below now, take action and get on track with the 14 Day FAT FURNACE™

14 Day Fat Furnace
Only £19.99

  • YES, I want to start burning fat, fast and effectively.
  • YES, I am ready to make a few changes in my life and get the results I desire,
  • YES, I want to buy the 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ for just £19.99 with a 100% money back guarantee!

IMPORTANT : To make sure you get instant access to this information you will be redirected to a download page for the 14 Day FAT FURNACE as soon as you complete the PayPal page. This redirect takes about 5 seconds after payment!


Here’s to your success,

Gavin & Tom


John Barnes – England Football Legend

“There’s no denying it : I like my food. Being from the Caribbean, I was brought up on meat and carbs and plenty of them. The meal plan I got from Tom Dyer at Ultimate City Fitness has changed all that. It started with breakfast. I didn’t realize cereal or milk was so bad. I’ve now been eating piles of grilled fish and chicken at all times of the day. My trainer Jason Elliott told me this type of weight loss was 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. I’ve watched what I’ve been eating and drinking : no booze and no sugar in my tea.”

I’ve always needed a challenge to get fit-left to my own devices I won’t do anything. During Strictly Come Dancing I lost two stone, and then put it straight back on. But it won’t happen this time.

Now I’ve got the motivation to keep going

John Barnes, 48. Ex England Football Legend in Men’s Health Nov 2012

Jose R – London

Jose lost over half a stone, but more importantly lost 2” off her chest, waist and hips to get ready for her holiday. Amazing effort and just proves that it is not all about how much is lost but more how the measurements stack up.

Tom D – Ultimate City Fitness

This is Tom from Ultimate City Fitness and shows how body fat levels can be reduced dramatically. Body fat is just under 10% on before picture. In 14 days this went down to 6.3%!

“You’ll be able to see how I did all this in the blog post called No Carbs Before Marbs. I wanted to get into good shape for a holiday to Spain and wanted to give our 14 Day FAT FURNACE plan a proper go. My goal was not to lose weight, but lose fat. I felt great after a few days, and my mood was much better than usual. Energy levels were markedly high, especially after breakfast. Great experience


Alex G – London

“As an update on my transformation journey which I kicked off with the 14DFF and continued with the Life After the 14 Day FAT FURNACE, progress as follows:

91kg > 86kg
Waist size 97cm > 86cm
Hip size 106cm > 104cm
Fat% 18.7 > 11.7

The current readings were taken as part of a Nuffield 360+ healthcheck so I know the readings are accurate as can be expected.

I’m really happy with the results your strategies work, period!

What I’ve now realised is I need to get down to 8% (seems to be all the rage at the moment!)

Now please NOTE that Alex lost 7% bodyfat. This means his total fat loss so far is not just the 5kg you see above, but another 7kg of fat lost and replaced with 7kg muscle. I’ll try to get pics off him, but us Brits tend to not like them 😉

So 12kg (26lbs) Fat Lost, 7kg muscle gained! Love it when we get testimonials out of the blue like this and backed up by Nuffield too!


Caroline P – London

“I have just completed the 14 day fat furnace and it has been a complete revelation. I’m absolutely stunned by the results, having lost 11lbs in two weeks, and 2 inches off my waist and hips.

The programme is incredibly detailed, and explains everything very clearly so that you understand why it is that certain foods/ drinks have to be avoided. I would say it requires a bit of planning and (in my case anyway!) a lot of self-discipline, but I’m proud of myself for sticking to the plan meticulously, and my motivation increased when I started seeing results (as early as five days into the programme). Obviously I’m thrilled with the weight loss, but am also experiencing additional benefits in a general sense of well-being – I’m feeling alert, energetic and clear-headed. I’m also sleeping really well which is a marked and very welcome change.

I can see and feel the difference in how my clothes fit, and several friends have commented on how well I look. Thank you UCB for putting together such a fantastic programme!


Peter T. – Cambridge

“I have just completed the 14 day fat furnace and it has been a complete revelation. I’m absolutely stunned by the results, having lost 11lbs in two weeks, and 2 inches off my waist and hips.

As you know I have an exceptionally busy lifestyle both at work and at home. The past 6 years Claire and me have had our fair share of stress and a drink at night seemed the best cure.

We’ve always been conscious of our health, weight and the way we looked by the pool so to speak; so like most we would start trying to be more healthy, diet & exercise etc 3 months before the summer holiday.

Well after just 12 days we are changed people. I’m never really interested too much in actual weight loss, but as a matter of interest I hopped on the scales and I’ve dropped 12lbs!! In addition to the drop in weight I quite simply feel fantastic. I feel more focused, I’m sleeping better than I have for years, I don’t feel as stressed and genuinely feel a sense of calm about myself; just more chilled basically. My headaches have stopped too!

Claire is the same. Her biggest problem was that things would get to her very quickly. She had a very short fuse indeed and now after a week she even said herself “things just aren’t bothering me; this program is unreal”. She now wakes with a clear head, feeling on the ball.

Seriously Tom and Gavin, big thank you for the advice and info and the blogs of genuine advice that does work; and if you try it and you don’t feel different then I don’t believe you’ve given it 100%!

Peter & Claire

Mike A – Manchester

I recently came across Tom and Gav’s 14 Day Fat Furnace. It seemed perfect timing, so I bought it and got the fridge packed with what I needed to get going. Looking at the plan, I knew this was a massive change for me in how and what I eat. But it was easy to follow and so i went for it. Not drinking Pepsi Max was one of the trickier things for me. As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke etc, I always saw it as acceptable as my only vice. But after a few days I didn’t even bother about it. I was starting to feel more energy, especially in the afternoons, when my usual carb packed lunch would send me all drowsy. I have to say I started to feel good.

At the end of the first week I wore a suit that 2 weeks earlier I had thrown to the floor in disgust as I couldn’t even fasten the trousers. It felt great to wear it one week in to the plan, and motivated me for the next week as I could see results. I was seeing a difference in shape that helped keep me motivated, except for a couple of days of despondency that Tom snapped me out of when I felt I wasn’t progressing. (Great support when I needed it, Tom). I played football near the end of the second week, and some of the lads commented on how I looked slimmer. But more than that, I was much more full of energy and I had gained a yard of pace with the fat loss I had managed.

By the end of the 14 days I took measurements to see how I had done. I had lost ½ inch from my neck and also my chest. An inch from my hips and 1 and ½ inches from my belly. Although for me I didn’t see massive weight loss (6Ib) I had seen the difference on tape measure and in my clothes. But more than that, I definitely broke some bad habits and cravings over the 14 days and am trying to keep that up with the help of Tom and Gav’s follow up plan”


Jackie H – London

“I have been receiving the emails from UCB for about a year and finally took the plunge on the 14 day fat furnace and bootcamps prior to my wedding.

The fourteen day fat furnace was my starting point. I prepared well and stuck to the plan like glue. I did not starve myself or kill myself with exercise. The fat furnace plan showed me what can be achieved if you put your mind to something and stick to it.

However, it wasn’t easy. After three days my body was tired, I felt lethargic and I was fed up. All I could think about was food and where my next meal was coming from. Each time I thought about reaching for a biscuit my mind focussed on my goal and I was able to resist.

As I went into the second week my body seemed to find a new lease of life. The cravings for sweet food disappeared, I stopped missing alcohol and caffeine and I had more energy. As this point I decided to try out the bootcamp. I wanted to combine what I had achieved with the eating plan with some hard exercise.

I astounded myself by losing nine pounds of weight, 1.5 inches from my bust and an inch from my waist. Thank you, Gavin and Tom.


Candice M – London

I started the 14 Day Fat Furnace 2 weeks ago and I’m astounded at the weight loss I have had! In total I have lost 11lbs and on my measurements I lost 1.5inches around my torso and 0.5 inches on my arms and my legs. During the 2 weeks I did 5 Ultimate City Bootcamps and Tabatas every other day. I’ve just started my Life After The 14 Day Fat Furnace now so I am really looking forward to the next few weeks and to see what my results are, so I will keep you guys posted on my progress.


Cathy O – London

I started the the 14 day fat furnace in order to shake things up a bit. Oh, the agony and the ecstasy! The biggest issue for me was giving up milk in my coffee and little snacks of water crackers and cheese so by day 3 I was a mess and bored to death of meat and veg.

However over the next few days those feelings of agony gave way to feeling lighter on my feet and more alert. I had a lot more energy and my eyes were brighter and I found the gym a breeze. The following week I was fitting into my size 26 skinny jeans like a teenager and despite one night wherein I gave into my desire for carbs and alcohol on a hot sunny evening I kept it up for the rest of the week and achieved my goal.

Its been a few weeks now and after taking my measurements again today have found that the 1.5 inches I lost around my stomach have stayed off and the skinny jeans still fit!

I am about to do a 7 day maintenance fat furnace to keep things in check following a week away and the FAQ you sent has provided further tips on how to perfect the regime and make sure I don’t stray. It really is worth all the pain and will be something I will continue to follow in the future to stay lean.


Jenna N – London

“Love, love, love the 14 day fat furnace. All the do’s and the dont’s that you need in order to eat well, sleep well and train well.

Gavin and Tom really know what they are talking about. I wouldn’t normally rave about things like this, but they are so good at what they do and really put the time and effort into all their clients to make sure that we get the support we need!

Big, huge THANKYOU to you guys!


14 Day Fat Furnace
Only £19.99

  • YES, I want to start burning fat, fast and effectively.
  • YES, I am ready to make a few changes in my life and get the results I desire,
  • YES, I want to buy the 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ for just £19.99 with a 100% money back guarantee!

IMPORTANT : To make sure you get instant access to this information you will be redirected to a download page for the 14 Day FAT FURNACE as soon as you complete the PayPal page. This redirect takes about 5 seconds after payment!


Please consult your physician before beginning this or any other exercise and nutrition program. You should always warm up for a few minutes before beginning any workout.
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If at any time you feel you are exercising beyond your fitness abilities or you feel discomfort, light-headed or nauseous, you should immediately discontinue exercising.
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