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Training myths…

Training myths

Tip 1 – You can spot reduce an area on your body.

Eg . you want to get rid of the fat from your stomach then it doesn’t matter how many sit ups you do, that wont work. 1000 sit ups per day will bore the hell out of you and give you a sore back. Thats it!
Working the big muscle groups through weight training will. Big bang for your buck exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Chin up, dips, bench press…all use 3 or more muscles at one time which will build muscle, massively raise your metabolism
and burn lots of body fat.

Tip 2 – High reps with a low weight will “Tone” your muscles.

This is relevant for the ladies. You need the same rep range as guys which means no more than 12. Heavy weights will not build big muscles in females. Ignore anyone that says it will. Bigger muscles are a combination of dedicated training and
diet, good genetics and a certain hormone called testosterone which ladies are lacking in. Bottom line is, lift heavy weights for  a smaller, tighter, leaner, healthier body :)

Tip 3 –


In my opinion, are the most important supplement required in any weight loss/body composition and exercise program. The Inuit or Eskimos as we commonly know them as, on average eat a diet that consists of 80% fat yet have the lowest incidence of heart disease in the world. Off the top of my head, fish oil is good for your heart, your brain, your skin, your  joints, your hair, your nails. It will raise your metabolism making fat loss easier, it will reduce inflammation and reduce muscle soreness after a workout. I supplement with about 10 grams of fish oil per day. This is the equivalent of about 20-30 of your
typical holland and Barrat fish oil. I don’t use their fish oil,  i use a highly concentrated oil in liquid form flavoured orange.

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