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Meat and Nut Breakfast

Fastest way to lose body fat is to eat an all protein and fat breakfast on a 5 day rotation for 2 weeks. This applies to males and females!


Monday- steak, portion of cashews, and table-spoon of fish oil.
Tuesday- Chicken, portion of almonds, table-spoon of fish oil.
Wed- Turkey, portion of macadamias, fish oil
Thursday- Venison, portion of brazil nuts, fish oil
Friday- Pork, portion of hazelnuts, fish oil

You would then rotate the meat and nuts and continue for 2 weeks. Extreme discipline and planning required but the results….

Results- Phenomenal. I did it for about 3 weeks and lost 4-5 % body fat.

Energy and mental acuity go off the scale, you will never feel as good. Carb cravings become non existent. Try it. Put the cereal bowl down and the toaster away…..


  • Connie Yau 14/06/2011

    How big is “a portion”?

  • Ruby Heera 02/11/2011

    good post. am going to try it when back from hols. need to lose some holiday carbs!


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