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Spot reduction?

This subject area has been touched on before but its important enough for me to talk about it again.

You cannot spot reduce an area on your body, or in other words, you can’t train a specific area hard and expect to lose body fat in that one area. It’s just not how it works. When you put body fat on, and this applies to men and women, you had no choice where that body fat was stored.

It was your genetics that determined where it was stored. Similarly, when you lose body fat through exercise and adhering to a strict clean diet, you have no choice where you will lose body fat.

You need to use the biggest muscles in your body like your legs, glutes, back etc to build a little muscle. This extra muscle will in turn burn body fat from your body as a whole and at a rate it chooses to. You have no control over that.

So how does that link into our BOOTCAMP? Well, if you look at the exercises we use in the class, they are all designed to use as much muscle mass as possible which will massively ramp up your metabolism, build a little bit of all important muscle (without making you big, ladies) and burn lots of body fat.

One piece of equipment we use is the sled, that you’ll see being pushed in this video

This exercise is extremely taxing on nearly every muscle in the body, including your heart so it means not only are you using the big muscle groups which we know will speed the metabolism up and burn fat, but it’s also pumping blood around the body at a far great rate than most can achieve on a treadmill or a cross trainer.

This means you are doing “cardio” but not by using a so-called cardio machine. You all know my opinion on conventional cardio but for those that are new to my emails, the bottom line is that is doesn’t work. At all. For burning fat it is useless. Cardio bunnies will disagree but its a fact :)

Back to Boot camp. My point is this. Here we have a class that is fun and caters for all fitness levels. It burns fat at a very fast rate, it will strengthen and tone your muscles (ladies) not bulk them which i know most of you are afraid of.

It will increase your cardio capacity so your general fitness will go up, your muscular endurance will rapidly increase and it will flatten stomach and make your bum smaller quicker than anything I know ( liposuction excluded)

If any of you want to know more about our Boot camp then please let me know.

Have a great and healthy week ahead :)

Gavin @ UCF

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