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6 Week Body Transformations

We run our 6 Week Body Transformation competitions a few times every year. Here’s a few of the competitors…

Caroline M – London

Caroline M

“I completed (and won!) the 6 week body transformation competition and I now feel so much better than before. Losing 20 pounds of fat in just six weeks was amazing.

I’d been gradually putting on weight over about a year and had got to the point where something needed to be done! So my boyfriend and I both signed up for the competition.

I hadn’t been in a gym for years and loved my crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast so thought it would be really difficult to stick to. It was certainly a challenge but when I got started it wasn’t half as difficult as I’d thought it would be. It helped that I could see the results throughout and actually felt so much better in myself, healthier and fitter. I started out barely able to do any girlie press ups and am now doing full on man ones!

I’ve also changed my diet for the better and am feeling a lot better for it. I’d highly recommend the challenge, the 14 day fat furnace and training with Tom!

Thanks for the iPad guys!! :)”


In July 2013 Caroline checked up and had some more measurements taken. She has lost over 16 inches (40cm+) off 5 measurement sites, including over 4 inches from her waist, 5 inches off her hips, and over 3 inches off each leg!!

Perhaps even more impressive is the 11% Bodyfat lost and the 6% muscle added. Over 30lbs of fat lost. Caroline has been consistent but more than lived a fun life in the ten months. She feels and looks great. We’re very proud of her! See pic below….

Caroline 10 months on


Mark V – London (via The Netherlands!)

Mark had great motivation as he wanted to be in his best shape for his wedding in the Maldives, which was last week…… congratulations buddy. Mark followed everything I said, completely changed his diet, loaded up on all the supplements he needed, threw out the old temptations and focused on making a big change…. it worked. Mark’s changes were visually very impressive as he lost over 18lbs of fat and replaced it with 9lbs of muscle. He lost 3 inches off his waist alone.


“I was following UCF’s outstanding blog and informative newsletter for a few months when I received an email with the option to participate in their competition. I was hitting the gym about 2-3 times a week for the last 5 years, and was pretty comfortable with my fitness level and overall health. Nevertheless I felt like I needed a change. It was the perfect timing: I was getting married in the Maldives exactly in 6 weeks time and wanted to look my best for a beach wedding!

I met Tom for the first time during my initial assessment, where we discussed lifestyle, diet, exercise regime etc. It became pretty clear to me that he knew what he was talking about and I got very excited about the whole thing.

Before we started with the gym workouts Tom advised me to change my diet, UCF provides you with a fat furnace diet book which they have written themselves and is a great read and gives you plenty of tips on the type of diet you should go on. I was already on a pretty good diet but had to cut out all the sandwiches I was eating each day plus the occasional dinner’s of either pasta, white rice, or potatoes had to go. I thought I was going to struggle with low carbs but actually I was used to it from day 1.

The sessions with Tom were fabulous. He really knows his stuff and is focussed on doing the exercise right before moving to heavier weights. After 2-3 weeks my fiancé started giving me compliments on my muscle definition and six-pack. I was really surprised with that as we had only done 1 abdominal exercise in the first 3 weeks! That just shows you how great the exercises were.

As the weeks went on I could see the difference in the mirror myself and was amazed how my body changed. In the last 2 weeks I could really see a difference in my muscle definition and feel a difference the way my clothes fit; I was losing inches around my waist.

After the 6 week competition I flew straight to the Maldives and posted my first beach picture on Facebook. The replies I got from people were amazing! People were asking me if I had a personal trainer and where I had been hiding my body for the last years. They just could not believe it and to be honest neither could I. I felt great, looked great and was really happy with myself.

I was hoping for a good result in the competition but I never thought I would end up winning it. I am really proud and I will continue working with Tom to get myself to the next level. Without him it would not have been possible!

Finally I just want to say that I had a great wedding and I never looked better. Thanks again to everyone at UCF and Tom in particular!”

 Anna M – London

Anna worked with Gav and made some impressive changes. She trained so hard and gave 100% in her attitude and approach. We often see that those that are driven with a big reason to change get the best results. She lost over 10% Bodyfat, 25lbs of Fat, lost 20cm’s off her waist, hips, chest, arms and legs. She added lean and toned muscle and feels great:


“I signed up to the competition with hopes it would give me the extra pressure I needed to make significant changes in my fitness and shape… and it did! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive or knowledgeable PT than Gav, he was there all the way encouraging me on.

I finished this challenge with results I didn’t think I could reach, not only that it has spurred me on to want to achieve even bigger goals.

Gav has such a passion and it is contagious, not only that, the amount I have learnt both about training and health is almost overwhelming. The competition was worth every penny, the effort and training has really paid off.

I highly recommend Gavin and Ultimate City Fitness for anyone wishing to achieve their best results yet!”

Eliza C – Australia

Eliza is now living back in Australia. Like Mark, she had the motivation of a wedding to get her focused and she really took the competition on board and made a great metamorphosis! She was a pleasure to work with, have an amazing wedding Eliza. She lost 3 inches off her waist and 7% body fat in just 6 weeks!


Jade S – London

Jade S

Jade lost an amazing 21 pounds and 10% body fat in just 42 days! Dedication to working out hard three times a week with Gav, focusing on her food plan and being positive paid off! Great work Jade and keep up the great work!!

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