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Fat Loss Made Easy

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Fat Loss Made Easy

Hey guys,
I hope you a great weekend and are ready to hit the gym hard this week. I just got back from a nice BBQ where I went with the best intention to keep my carb intake to a minimum.
All was going well, 5 chicken breasts in, lamb kebab and I’m doing great…then the deserts came into view. Game over!
Anyway, I hope you all had better will power than me.
Onto this weeks tips.
I was speaking with my mum over the weekend and she just happened to drop into conversation that she had lost a stone in weight in 2 weeks.
I quickly texted my sister to see if everything was OK but it turns out that Mrs Rosemary Gillibrand aka Mum, has been following my weekly tips.
I had forgotten that I had added her a few months ago to my email list. The conversation continued and it appears that Mum had cut all carbohydrates like pasta, rice, potato, cereal and dairy products and had dropped 1 stone in 2 weeks.
Excellent work right?
So what is the magic diet my Mum has been following?
Well its nothing new but a typical day has been something like this-
Breakfast – 3 eggs
Lunch-        Tuna salad
Dinner-       Meat/fish with veg
Easy to stick to and very effective. Of course, this could have been made better by adding a protein snack mid morning and mid afternoon but i cant fault the effort of the result.
My mum has also been snacking on a handful of almonds every now and then.
As today was Sunday, she had a little treat and had bacon, eggs, mushroom and tomato. Lunch was tuna salad and dinner was turkey breast with broccoli and peas.
So you can see, it’s actually very easy to lose body fat and quickly. Mum is 70 years old this September (she will kill me for saying that) but if she can do this, and this is without doing any exercises apart from walking the dog, then all of you can and there are no excuses.
Try an ALL protein breakfast for 2 weeks. Just get over the idea that you must have cereal or toast in the morning and I promise you the results will be better than you can imagine.
It it works for my Mum it will work for you!
Have a fantastic week ahead and I will see many of you either at Boot camp or in the gym.
Gavin :)

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