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The Dukan diet.

Hey guys,

I hope you had a great weekend?

I moved house and with 3 hours to before I handed the keys over for checking out, the Cleaning company I had booked the cleaner with decided they couldn’t send anyone to clean my place. What a nightmare! Long story short, Tom and I spent 3 hours cleaning the place from top to bottom. I would like to say it was character building and bonding…but that would be a lie, it was a bloody pain in the backside and really messed my day up. But, I’m in the new pad now so all is good :-)

Onto the weekly tips-

Many of you may have heard of the weight loss diet  at the moment, The Dukan Diet, made popular by coverage in the press recently. Apparently “Kate’s” mother used it to drop a few pounds very quickly and I am not suprised she did as it’s just a regurgitation of the diet I vehemently subscribe to which is the Paleo diet. For those that have only recently started getting my emails, these diets consist of high protein, med-low fat and low to very low carbohydrates. Every now and then, someone comes along, changes the name, adds a few ideas here and there and voila!, we have a new fad diet that all the celebs follow and everyone is raving about the inches lost of their hind quarters. The bottom line (pun intended) is that its nothing new. The most efficient, fastest, most effective way to lose unwanted body fat and safely is a HIGH protein, LOW carb diet. If we take this idea a step further and go back to our ancestors, the only food that our Paleolithic counterparts had access to was animals and certain fruits and vegetables, depending on their location and the season. I went into detail with this on a previous post on my Blog which you can check out here

Many of you know this but that’s ok as I find it’s always great to solidify your knowledge. :-) For all newbies to my weekly scribe, don’t just take my word for it,have a look here and here

Any questions then please ask. I am more than happy to help.

Have a great, healthy week ahead Ladies and Gentlemen.


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