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22 Top Tips

Hey guys,

Just thought I would give you something to think about over the weekend.

I have been weight training for over 20 years now but it took me until my mid to late 20’s to really understand the principles and laws in training and nutrition, and of course I am still learning everyday…

I spent at least 5 years at the beginning wondering why I couldn’t get really lean or really big like guys on TV or in magazines. Slowly through reading and education things started making sense and I’m here today to tell you all the things that if someone had told me back in the day, I wouldn’t have spent years scratching my head over lack of results. It’s 3:30pm on Friday and I’m done for the week at the gym so I’m just going to fire these points off as they come to me so here goes…

1. Eat a big breakfast

2. Eat a protein and fat breakfast

3. Eat 5-6 small portions of food everyday, 3-4 hours between each meal

4. Have a good source of protein at each meal

5. Have a good source of fat at each meal

6. Have lots of good fat EVERY day

7. Take fish oils daily

8. Keep carbs to a minimum everyday

9. Have a cheat meal every 4 days

10. Train with heavy weights using compound movements

11. Train 3-4 times per week ensuring at least 3 rest days for recovery

12. Sleep as much as possible

13. Drink in moderation

14. Drink 2-3 litres of water everyday

15. Avoid doing too much traditional cardio if trying to lose body fat

16. If trying to put muscle on avoid cardio altogether

17. Whatever your aims in the gym, avoid SPINNING completely (controversial?)

18. Always follow a programme in the gym

19. Have a specific goal or target in mind

20. Don’t take advice from people about health who don’t go to the gym

21. Drink a protein shake everyday WHATEVER your goals

22. Read all the points again and make sure you adhere to all of them!!!

These points are applicable to LADIES and GENTLEMEN alike.

So there we have it. Let’s call it my top 22 points to adhere to for fantastic results in the gym.

Have fun whatever you do people :)



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