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Fish Oils

Fish oils. You have all heard of them, many of you take them but do you realise how amazing this stuff is? Probably not. It is actually easier to say what fish oils don’t do, but that wouldn’t help you today so here is what they will do and how and where you can get them.

Some benefits of fish oils-

1. Faster metabolism so body fat/weight loss

2. Reduce inflammation so reduced soreness after a workout

3. Joint lubrication and can aid in the prevention of Arthritis and Osteoporosis

4. Brain food. Makes you smarter and slows brain ageing.

5. Can reduce symptoms of depression and act as a mood enhancer

6. Raises “good cholesterol” in the body and prevent heart attacks

7. The best skin moisturiser from the inside rather than using creams on the outside

8. Can aid in reducing the chance of Alzheimer’s

9. Great for the hair, nails and complexion

10. Studies show that kids with ADHD may benefit from a high dose of fish oil

fish oils

These are just a few of the more relevant benefits from using fish oil. It is the number one supplement I recommend to you and I strongly suggest that you and your whole family use it. My daughter has been given it since she was three months old and has continued to take it daily since then. She read the entire Britannica Encyclopedia in less than 3 days, in French, aged 5!!!! Ok, she didn’t really but she is pretty smart. You get my point though.

Here’s a great video all about just some of the benefits of Fish Oils, it’s a great watch!

Two links you must check out. The first one is the fish oil I take and suggest to you all, from a company called Aliment.  If you decide to order from them mention Ultimate City Bootcamps when you call them or in the notes part of the online order and they will look after you.


The second link is to a great website with more info on what I have been talking about. Have a look when you get the chance.


Now onto the subject of cod liver oil as we have people ask us if this is the same as the fish oil we have mentioned here?

A : Unfortunately cod liver oil is not the same as the fish oil we recommend. The composition and quality of the oil is different.

I won’t get too boring but if we take that both oils are from a reputable source so quality is optimum we find the following;

Cod Liver Oil (CLO) has a different nutritional profile to traditional fish oil. The CLO tends to be higher in Vitamin A and D which is a great start.

However it contains much less of the highly beneficial EPA and DHA Fatty Acids which are the ones that are key to metabolising fat loss, as well as many other benefits for the body.

CLO comes from the liver of fish from the cod family, which is where these fish tend to accumulate most of their bodily oil. Fish Oil comes from the skin and flesh of oily fish such as herring and mackerel. The liver is where the body detoxes so it is vital that the oil you buy is not containing contaminants that the fish would have picked up in it’s life.

Bottom line is that you would need to take 2-3 times more CLO to get the same effects in the Fat Furnace as Fish oil if they were both of the very highest quality!

This is why we insist on using Aliment Fish Oil (they also supply great CLO) because we know the company and their practices and quality control.

Click here for more info and a link to get from Aliment. – if you order from them please mention Ultimate City Bootcamps

A company called Eskimo also do great products, but are quite pricey. We find Aliment very reasonable and have had great results.

It’s best to get the oil itself which is odourless, apart from a slight orange taste (another plus of their oil – no fishiness), but we appreciate many people want the capsules. Take 5 capsules twice a day, every day.

Any questions, as always, I am more than happy to answer, JUST POST THE QUESTION/COMMENT BELOW

Gav and Tom :)


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