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Protein Breakfast

Hey guys,

I hope you are having a great week so far?

Just a quick message from me midweek to mention a few things. Firstly, I hope you are enjoying the weekly tips and info. Any feedback is most welcome so if you get a moment then get back to me :)

That aside, one of my clients asked me today in the gym what I thought was the most important thing to do EVERY day to produce the best results in terms of fat loss. I quickly answered this:


She then said is it really that important and significant? My answer was this:

“In over twenty years of training in the gym and twelve years working in the PT industry, nothing comes close to the results gained from this style of breakfast. It works so well that anyone who tries it for one month will never go back to eating toast and cereal. That I promise. Energy levels go up, carb cravings go down and importantly body fat drops off and inches disappear in a few short weeks.”

So there you have it. The number one fat loss tip I can give you right there. It is up to you if you want to believe me and give it a go :)

Head up people – It’s the weekend soon!


P.S. I would really love to know what you think of that video so here it is again

>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<



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  • Marco / Germany 30/01/2013


    i just read the meat and nuts post and write a comment.

    Is it right that all kinds of protein could be used? I can use cottage cheese plus whey and nuts, oder a whey protein shake and nuts and meat and nuts? Or is it the best to use meat and nuts?

    It is difficult for me and my wife to eat meat in the morning. I get up at 05:00 pm and drive to work. A quick shake or st. would be grate….

    Up to now we eate oats ith milk and whey protein and thought it is the best… isn´t it good for fat loss?

    Kind regards

    Marco from germany


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