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The Perfect POST Workout Meal

Imagine the scenario,

You workout at 7am or at least before work. Ideally you should do this on an empty stomach with nothing more than a pre – training black coffee if you need a kick up the bum. I know I do. Click here for more on coffee.

You do your workout and then what?

Well, if you want to burn body fat, get lean, tone up, add muscle or just increase your overall fitness, a protein shake of some sort is a massive help, and in my eyes absolutely crucial. Instantly, this will start the fat burning process, help with repair and recovery and help avoid DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.)

This is also a perfect opportunity to eat carbs IF you really need them. I pick a protein shake with the right carbs within it, my favourite at the moment is Kinetica’s Lean Gain.

Ideally these carbs should be high GI which means they will send your blood sugar high. This is what you want after a workout, and only after a workout.

>>>>>more on carbs here<<<<<

Here is a list of the best options. Pick which one works for you:

  1. Protein shake with carbs. Best results.
  2. Protein shake, no carbs. Good results, but not as good.
  3. No shake, just breakfast on the way to or at work. Will limit the results you get.
  4. Skip food altogether and eat mid morning. Shooting yourself in the foot, any gains from the workout have now left the building!

So there you have a few ideas of what to consume straight after a morning workout, or any workout to be honest. I’m sure most of you are already doing at least no. 1 or 2…If not, maybe look at trying a protein shake after a workout. I can honestly say it’s the best thing to have and I ALWAYS have one.

For post workout we at UCF use Kinetica Lean Gain, as it has the right blend of protein and carbs within it for maximising lean and toned muscle gain and to aid recovery. We were put onto Kinetica by Matt Lovell, the nutritionist for the English Rugby Team, Manchester City, Spurs and British Athletics. You could say Matt knows his stuff

You”ll hear us going on about eating grass fed beef, but the bonus here is that Kinetica WHEY is produced from grass fed cows milk! It tastes good too and we are happy to give UCF readers a 20% reduction off retail price is you enter the code UCF123 into the required box at the checkout on their site. If you follow this link have a look and see what you think KINETICA SITE

A scoop of Kinetica LEAN GAIN gives 32 grams of protein. Compare this to the average chicken breast that gives 30 grams and the protein and carb mix delivers where it is needed fast to start recovery and the rebuilding process.

Don’t forget that UCF123 code for the 20% off or use another quality supplement if you know it’s from a top and reputable company!


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