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5 reasons you are not burning the BODY FAT that you want to!

Morning guys,

I hope you are all well and having a good week so far?

This weeks tips are on a favourite subject of mine, and that is fat loss. I keep coming back to it time and time again because it is what most of us want from our efforts in the gym.

Here are 5 reasons (there are many others) that you are not burning the fat you should be:

  1. Eating cereal, toast and orange juice for breakfast: I love cereal, but it won’t help you burn fat, and in fact, it will help you store it very nicely indeed. All cereal. Look here for the protein breakfast option.
  2. The majority of your training is based around cardio: Your training should focus on resistance training, lifting heavy weights, to build a lean, toned, healthy body for men and women alike. Ladies, I promise you, you wont get BIG. Look here for bulking up myths.
  3. You only eat 3 times per day: The metabolism is kept high when small, frequent, protein based meals are consumed 5 – 7 times per day. This will help to burn body fat and produce lots of energy so you feel great all day long. 3 meals or less as many do, will promote drops in blood sugar which will cause you to snack, generally on high sugar sweets, chocolates etc in an attempt to bring your levels back to normal. This will then cause you to store body fat. Look here for ideas on diet.
  4. You don’t have a protein shake after your workout: This shake will aid in recovery, and start the fat burning process immediately. And no, you can’t get big or BULK up from having a protein shake. Look here for info on protein shakes.
  5. You only get 6 or less hours of quality sleep per night: Charles Poliquin, the world-famous strength and conditioning coach actually looks at a clients sleep patterns before he addresses their diet or training regime. Sleep releases a large portion of growth hormone and this is one of the best natural fat burners available. Lack of sleep will reduce your GH but also raise your cortisol levels, your fight or flight hormone. Not good. This will bring your fat burning efforts to a grinding halt. Look here for more on cortisol.

So there we have 5 reasons you may not be getting the results you want from the gym. Change these points and you will be well on the way to a leaner you.

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