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Meat and Nuts Breakfast in more detail

Well you’re heard us go on and on and on about getting the right breakfast!

You’ve also heard us talk about the fact that it should consist of protein and good fats

For it to be the most effective then we’ll go with the title; Meat and Nuts Breakfast.

For some background go to;


Now read this;

Fastest way to lose bodyfat is to eat an all protein and fat breakfast on a 5 day rotation for 2 weeks.

This applies to males and females! Example.;

Monday-      steak, portion of cashews, and table spoon of fish oil.

Tuesday-     Chicken, portion of almonds, table spoon of fish oil.

Wed-           Turkey, portion of macadamias, fish oil

Thursday-    Venison, portion of brazil nuts, fish oil

Friday-         Pork, portion of hazelnuts, fish oil

Protein portion should be about the same size as your clenched fist.

You would then rotate the meat and nuts and continue for 2 weeks.Extreme discipline and planning required but the results…. Results- Phenomenal.

I did it for about 3 weeks and lost 4-5 % bodyfat. Energy and mental acuity go off the scale, you will never feel as good.

Carb cravings become non existant. Try it. Put the cereal bowl down and the toaster away…..

some notes;

Protein Source can come from;

Chicken, Turkey, Salmon and trout, Sardines, Prawns, Mackerel, Cod, Pollock, Halibut, Herrings, Sea Bass,

Monk Fish, Trout, Mullet, Grass Fed Beef or Lamb

Nuts can be;

Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamia, Pine, Brazil, Hazelnut, Pecan

No more than 6-10 nuts in one sitting. Pine nuts are the exception, a small handful will suffice and ensure the country of origin is not china, due to fat rancidity (no peanuts or peanut butter!)

Another option to get you started is to have Organic eggs (instead of the meat) with avocado (instead of the nuts) and Fish Oil

Fish Oil should be of top quality. We use and recommend Aliment oil, here is a LINK to their site (mention Ultimate City Fitness when ordering). The oil is odour free and tastes a little of oranges.

If you don’t have fish oil then have protein and nuts alone. Better to have no fish oil than a bad one due to rancidity problems and possible mercury contamination.

Remember to change a habit, we have to change a habit! In other words we have to take steps. We have to recondition ourselves to a new way of thinking. If you want results and to feel on the ball, energetic, wide eyed and lose fat to boot. Then try this, you may surprise yourself! Once you have got over your incorrect childhood conditioning that cereal, fruit or whatever is the right breakfast choice, and have adapted to this way to start the day you’ll never turn back.

This Breakfast of Champions was created by Olympic athlete and tops sports performance coach Charles Poliquin.  It’s proven and recommended by many ‘in the know’ trainers and nutritionists including top UK nutritionist Steve Grant. We have used this Breakfast system ourselves for many years and when people ask us how we keep lean year round, this is one of the reasons!

Lastly if you are in a rush then better to have a top quality protein shake made with water (no milk or carbs) with some milled flax seed thrown in (our favorite is from Linwoods which is ready milled and in bags to be kept in fridge) and a handful of fish oil capsules.


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  • tomucb 06/04/2012

    We get a lot of people mention that they find it hard to condition themselves to this highly effective way of starting the day.

    To try a ‘cheat’ protein start, well it’s still protein but not meat or fish, try this. (ps if you are a vegetarian then this may also be an answer for you!)

    Do you like cheesecake???? If so get some cottage cheese and mix it with a scoop of protein powder (Gaspari Nutrition’s Myofusion is great tasting). When Cottage cheese is mixed with chocolate protein it takes like chocolate cheesecake, when mixed with Strawberries and cream protein it tastes like strawberry Cheesecake…. ok you get my drift.

    Mix in a few nuts and seeds and you are there.

    It’s a great way to get the protein in and as people are more conditioned to sweet cereals, or toast with jam, or other rubbish in the morning, it’s an effective way to make the transition.

    It is also more filling that a protein shake with water. The protein type in cottage cheese is also casein protein which is slower absorbed (digested) by the body. This means it keeps you fuller for longer than say whey protein alone. (trying not to get too technical, as I appreciate that a lot of people switch off when it gets too scientific)

    The cottage cheese/protein powder mix is great as a tasty snack through the day too!

    Ok it’s just hit 7am…. chicken and almonds for me today.

    Tom @ UCB

    • Lex 06/04/2012

      Reading this whilst eating a breakfast of salmon, nuts & seeds – yum. Just wanted to say, regarding getting “too technical”, one of my favourite things about your blog that you explain your advice with the science behind it – so please don’t tone it down, in fact bring it on! Telling people what works is great, but telling people why and how it works is even better. The human body is complex and fascinating and the more we understand how it works, the more informed our choices can be, and the better we can treat it! Plus then when your co-workers look at you oddly for eating a tin of tuna in the morning, you can say something more than “a guy on the internet told me to do it” :p

      I understand of course that you have a lot of readers and not all will share my opinion, but hopefully I’m not the only one… :)

      Have a good weekend!

  • tomucb 06/04/2012

    Well said Lex

    Salmon, Nuts and Seeds…. Nice!

    I agree with what you say. However it can get a little too deep and boring if it gets too scientific. It’s all about balance.

    I always liked the quote (from Jim Rohn I think) that says; “Some people are too busy studying the roots while other are picking and eating the fruit”

    Totally agree that these bodies that we live in are awesome and fascinating.

    We @ UCB sift out what is important from studies, articles, science and whatever else we can dig up (and what we have learnt over the 40 odd years that Gav and I have been involved in Fitness between us) and give the ‘headlines’ so to speak to the readers of this BLOG.

    We’ll focus on what makes them look good on the outside while keeping them healthy and energetic on the inside. The guinea pigs we use our ourselves 😉

    Tom @ UCB

    • boothp 10/04/2012

      I may not be in the UCB neck of the woods, but I was about to tuck into porridge oats and protein when I read gavs 7 laws blog. So I’ve just put the bowl down and I’m now about to tuck into a protein shake, 8 almonds and 3 fish oil capsules(got to go shopping!).
      I’ve just ordered the fish oil from Aliment and will stock up on meat today and let you know how I get on.

      • tomucb 10/04/2012

        Great Stuff Pete!

        There are a few types of people that read these posts.

        One type that reads it, applies it, makes changes and subsequently make things happen in terms of better body composition, more energy, serious fat loss, etc.

        Another type of those that read it, don’t apply it and wonder why nothing is happening. They will keep tucking into that porridge as that’s what they read about/were told about years ago and it’s now a habit and habits are hard to break, if there is not really the conviction to do so.

        I ate porridge for brekkie for many, many, years before I stumbled upon Protein and Good fats for the morning starter and proverbial Breakfast of Champions.

        Others fall in between the two.

        Application is key and trying something different. Those steps can be as small or as big as the person is comfortable with, but making steps in the right direction is the vital ingredient to success.

        I see your post is from 05:08. I know how driven you are. Keep track of the progress buddy and get some pics. I sense a testimonial waiting to happen!


        btw :: who’s to say nutritional research will not turn 180 degrees again in a few years and we’ll be eating something completely different to feel on top of our game. If that happens, then we’ll adapt and spread the word again. Breaking habits that need to be broken and advancing is one of the cool things about being human (well that’s my opinion and I’ll stick to it…. for the moment at least 😉 )

  • Pete 17/04/2012

    Tried the cottage cheese and protein, and OMG! It’s like eating a stodgy chocolate cookie dough fudge cake. What a fantastic tip! When the sugar craving hits, it just great. I use the MyProtein TotalProtein chocolate smooth flavour, comes in other flavours which I’ve not tried but I’m sure theytase great too.
    Even if you don’t like cottage cheese I challenge you to not like this!

  • tomucb 17/04/2012

    haha, love it. Hate to say I told you so, but….. I told you so. I’ll check out the link to my protein Pete. Thanks for the tip

    Tom @ UCB

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  • john 06/08/2012

    Great, just what I needed to get an idea how I could start to lose my belly. I don’t see no sign of any diary products? Don’t we need it for calcium intake so our bones stay nice and healthy?

  • john 06/08/2012

    sorry to bother you again, also you said do this for 2 week 5 day rotation….so what should we do for the 2 days spare? and also after we completed the 2 weeks? I want to lose my body fat % for good, not temporary so is it good to stay at this for my normal routine breakfast?

    • Gavin @ UCB 07/08/2012

      Hi John, the 5 day rotation is just a quide. Eat this way for the whole week and ideally for good. Its the fastest way to lose bodyfat but a way that will leave you feeling energised and switched on :)

    • Tom @ UCB 08/08/2012

      John, as Gav says this is just an example

      Make any combination up from the options given.

      Eggs in place of the meat/fish and avocado in place of the nuts can be used also in the rotation, but best results will be had from the meat and nuts


  • juliette 24/08/2012

    What if you train in the morning? Does this apply the same? I usually have glutten free oats with whey or brown rice protein an hour before training – won’t meat and nuts be too “heavy” before training?

    • Gavin @ UCB 25/08/2012

      Hi Juliette,

      What time are you training in the morning? If its very early I would suggest you train on an empty stomach and there are so many variables to answer this correctly. If you get back to me with more details I can help :)


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  • Corina 05/09/2012

    Hey guys, I have some specific questions regarding the meat and nut breakfast for weight loss and muscle gain that I can’t seem to find the answers to!


    1) If I work out early in the morning (before breaky) when should I have my protein shake?

    2) Do I need to invest in a non sugar non carb protein shake (As opposed to proto whey which is low sugar and low carb) for this to work?

    3) If I want something small in my tummy before working out, but I’m not wanting to have my breakfast yet, what are my options? (Traditionally I’ve eaten a small banana for energy – But this wouldn’t be starting my day with protein!)

    4) When I stop the meat and nut breaky (but continue eating clean) will I put on weight?

    5) How long should I aim to stay on the meat and nut breakfast for?

    6) How long after eating the meat and nut breakfast can I eat something that isn’t meat or nuts?

    7) How long after eating the meat and nut breakfast can I eat something with carbs in it?

    8) Will it be less effective if I also eat some veggies with my meat and nut breakfast?

    9) If I work out a lot, do I eat extra carbs throughout the morning to make up for the fact that I’m cutting them out of my breaky?

    I would really love your assistance here! These questions are quite detailed but I’ve just started the meat and nut breakfast and want to make sure that I’m maximizing my results!

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  • Matt 11/09/2012


    I have two scrambed eggs and some baked beans for brekkie.

    How would you rate this breakfast?


    • Gavin @ UCB 11/09/2012

      Matt, thanks for the message.

      To be honest mate, the beans are not good. Lots of sugar in them to be fair.

      Stick with organic free range eggs too, maybe add some avocado or nuts and berries.


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  • Dallas 14/10/2012

    Howdy! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same
    niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on.
    You have done a outstanding job!

  • Tay 08/11/2012

    Do you suggest to avoid any carbohydrates throughout the remainder of the day after the meat and nuts, or only include carbs in a scheduled cheat meal?

    • Gavin @ UCB 09/11/2012

      It depends on your aims and goals. Carbs used at the right times are great like after a heavy workout or a cheat meal. For general fat loss, best to keep your carb intake to a minimum, say about 50grams or less of very low GI fruit and lots of green veg.
      Hope this helps.

  • Tay 12/11/2012

    Thanks for the response. Specifically I am looking at weight loss. Is it a good idea to incorporate a small amount of fat with my protein intake if I cut carbs completely?

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  • […] potatoes, rice, cereal, chocolate and any other rubbish you can think of, we actually mean it. A protein breakfast is just that. […]

  • Monique 13/01/2013

    Thanks for all the great advice! Just one question. Whats the diet for the rest of the day?
    I have been on a no carb for 2 months but was recommended this diet from a friend.
    Any help appreciated

    • Gavin @ UCB 17/01/2013

      Hi Monique, the rest of the day is your usual no/low card that you have been following. How are your results so far?


  • Marco / Germany 30/01/2013


    nice Blog. My wife wanted to get the pregnant pounds away. (our son is now 3 month and now she could start with workout) – she loves zumba (is it a good fat burner?)

    I think she has a goodmeal plan for the day but with less success.
    For ex. : Breakfast: 4 tbsp Oats mith 100 ml milk cooked (to get it creamy) and a scoop vanilla whey
    during the day she eats, quark or joghurt with fruits an nuts,
    for dinner: veggies plus chickenbrest, tuna or else… mostly low carb
    (total calories ca. 1200 – 1500 per day)

    Now she wants to make the meat and nuts breakfast, but more with shakes and nuts, or you described at the top with cottage cheese / whey protein and nuts.
    Sometimes meat and nuts.

    Is there to note for the other meals? We eat much veggies, fruits etc. No bread, no sugar. Oats are the only cereals (in selmade protein bars or protein panncakes)

    One cheat day per week

    Sorry for my english

    Marco from Germany


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