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It’s all in the MIND-set!

Is it possible that we do all the right things when it comes to training and nutrition, stress reduction and getting enough sleep, and yet we still do not make the progress we thought we expected?

The mind is a very complex place, there are hundreds of billions of cells up there all working together to keep you upright, breathing, thinking, seeing, and walking.

Then there are those keeping your heart beating, regulating body temperature and sweating if are a little hot, or shifting blood around to the mosts important places if you are getting cold (hence cold fingers) and so much, so much more!

Basically controlling everything we do on a level that is hard to comprehend….

Sometimes we at UCF will work with clients and friends that say straight away to us that they;

“Will never be a size 10 again!”

that they;

“Will never be that strong!”

that they;

“Can’t eat a protein breakfast”

that they;

“Can’t get results like that living in the City!”

that they

“Can’t get results like that living out of the City!”

……that they are too old, too young, too fat, too ………… (add the excuse/self deception here).

When people hold on tightly to a sub-conscious self belief/perception then they usually are hard pressed to get rid of it.

It’s the can’t do attitude, instead of the can-do attitude!

In order for changes to happen we MUST start the process in the mind, if not we are self sabotaging ourselves from the get-go and we will not get the results that we desire, only the results that we expect.

Q: How many winners on a podium at the Olympics will be surprised that they are standing there?

A: None, they have all told themselves that it is their place and believed it all along!

“If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right either way!” – Henry Ford

Step one of any fitness/fat loss/exercise program is to catch any negative thoughts when they come in your mind or in your speech and reverse them!

They have no right to govern your positive results unless they are moving you towards them! It will take time, but step one is awareness, then get rid of them with;

‘I can!’

So if you find yourself saying to someone something with the word ‘can’t in it (that is negative and contrary to your goals), then stop yourself mid-sentance and correct the statement.

It can often cause a whole conversation in itself when you do this (as long as they don’t think you’re a little crazy).

If you are thinking something negative, then re-correct the incorrect ‘can’t’ with a positive ‘can‘ out loud.

When you hear yourself say the statement you affirm it in your mind. This positive reinforcement will change your mindset over time, if you are consistent with it!

World renowned sports performance coach Ian King was the person that first started pulling me up on negative self talk, at a time when I was not conscious of saying the occasional self defeating statement.

Here’s what he has to say about the subject;

“You may be surprised to know that I place as much if not more importance on the psychology of these goals (mindset/goals of trainee) than training and nutrition.

Quite simply I respect and endorse the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body.

That the body creates, allows or disallows the physical result.

Therefore the power of training and nutrition is undermined or dwarfed by the power of the mind.

You can train and eat to get a certain result yet your success or failure will, in my mind have been influenced more by the conscious and sub-conscious decisions you make than the training and the diet.”

Up the ladder of success

Ian King (One of the World’s top sports performance and strength coaches, including many Olympic Athletes over 8 Olympic Games)

We have seen first hand from working with clients over time that once the mind is ‘set’ it is the most powerful muscle in the body, rather than the weakest link.

The first few days, to a week, to even two weeks of a new eating and training plan can be tough physiologically for some people.

The body has to adapt to new habits and fuel, while still screaming out for the bad habits built over many years for foods and drinks and a lifestyle that it wants to hold on to as it is addicted to those things.
The mindset is what makes the difference in these times.

It makes the tough much easier if it is set to be positive and understands the bigger picture of why the body needs to stop these things to make a positive difference and get the body, the health benefits, the fat loss or whatever it is the mind really desires!

Tony Robbins 80 20

Famed personal improvement coach Tony Robbins notes that; “80% of success is psychology and 20% is mechanics!” Success leaves clues and Tony should know what he is talking about having worked with many of the World’s top performers in business, sports, and all other fields.

It is worth repeating once again the saying at the start of this post and for you to make the conscious decision of can over cannot;

“If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right either way!” – Henry Ford



Please note that we also get people that are the other end of the scale and say they CAN do whatever they put their mind to and will not be beaten and thus they are the ones that usually get faster and more sustainable results!

PS Just to add a point to this post.

I remember going out running once when I was in preparation for a Tough Mudder Race.

I hate running, but knew that I needed to do it as the race was over 11 Miles with lots of hurdles/pitfalls/traps/iced areas/fires/climbs/monkey bars/electric shocks to get over and deal with.

Like I said I HATE running and my self talk while running was very negative about this.

However I decided to give myself a talking to while running and said in my head the words ‘Faster’ and ‘Stronger’ between every breath.

My pace picked up markedly and my tiredness seemed to go away. I finished with a sprint and felt good.

What I am saying is that these negative Mindsets happen to all of us without us even realising most of the time.

We have to listen to the self-chat and correct it. You never know the results may surprise you as they did me!




  • caterine 28/06/2012

    Very powerful article Tom! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tom @ UCB 28/06/2012

    Thanks Catherine

    Appreciate the feedback greatly.


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