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Abs are made in the KITCHEN, not in the gym!

Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

What does “abs are made in the kitchen” actually mean?

What this means is that your nutrition needs to be on the money. You cannot out train a bad diet. It’s as simple as that. This post is applicable for both men and women so ladies, do not be put off by the post title. I appreciate that many of you do not want a six-pack, but what I am going to share with you today is relevant to you whatever your goals are in the gym.

If you want to lose weight/body fat, tone up, build muscle, get a ripped six-pack, get a smaller bum, lose fat of your stomach, legs and hips, get fitter, stronger and healthier or even if you are training for a specific event, then please read on and take as much from this post as possible.

So what type of diet should you follow if you are looking to maximise you results in the gym? I am going write out a daily diet plan aimed at maximum fat loss. A diet that will produce fat loss from the WHOLE body including the abdominal region. As we are on this point I want to make it 100% clear that it doesn’t matter how much ab work you perform, this will not give you a six-pack or a flat stomach.

Is it true that abs are made in the kitchen?

I see so many people everyday in the gym working their abs like crazy. You cannot spot reduce. Your body will lose body fat when and where it wants to. By working hard on compound movements you will significantly raise your metabolic rate and your body will lose fat as a whole. Some areas may take longer to reduce but you have NO choice over where and when this will happen.

The best exercise for keeping your abs lean? Squats. FACT

Anyway, back to this diet.


Option 1 –  3 eggs poached/boiled or scrambled.

Option 2 – Piece of lean meat, chicken, turkey or fish

Option 3 – protein shake

Fish oil should be added to either option and you could also add a portion of your favourite nuts and berries too. Almonds and blueberries work well for me :)

Mid morning snack

Piece of fruit, nuts or a protein shake. An apple and a few macadamias would work well here.


Chicken/turkey/tuna salad or any variation that you prefer.

Mid afternoon snack

Repeat mid morning snack. If you had fruit and nuts have a protein shake, or vice versa


Any lean meat or fish with salad/veg. Table spoon of fish oil

Drink 2-3 litres of water per day to stay well hydrated.

I have kept the diet as simple as possible and easily attainable even if you have a very busy day at work. It just needs a little planning and commitment.

This diet is high in protein, low in carbohydrates with no simple sugars apart from a little in the fruit and a good amount of healthy fats. Energy levels will be high and consistent with no lows throughout the day and this will keep you well fuelled for your efforts in the gym.

Far too many people work hard in the gym, sometimes 4-5 times per week yet fail to have a great diet and subscribe to the theory that they can burn of the extra calories. You can’t. It doesn’t work. Try to spend a little of your time planning your diet for the day. If you need to go and buy the food then go and buy it. Don’t be at the mercy of what is available at work come lunchtime. Spend more time on your diet than you do in the gym and see your results sky-rocket!

For more information on this subject or any other, please contact me directly on

Gavin @ UCF


  • tomucb 02/03/2012

    Great post amigo

    Tom @ UCB

  • Rob 03/03/2012

    Completely agree with you here, Gav. I remember about 1 year ago when I really put more effort into my diet and the results were easily noticeable. It’s the hardest part to get right for many people, but also the most important. Maybe a meal delivery service would be a good idea.

  • Would be a great idea Rob, yes :)
    There are a few companies around that do already…..

  • Lulu Belle Wilcox 05/03/2012

    Hey guys, can you recommend a good protein shake please do go with this? :)

    • tomucb 05/03/2012

      Hey Leila

      we tend to switch between brands as a rule.

      One that we do like is from Gaspari Nutrition called Myofusion. Don’t worry about all the guy focused marketing on the side of proteins, as that’s all it is – marketing.

      Women’s marketed protein is usually exactly the same product, but slightly smaller serving sizes and women’s marketing….

      Off the top of my head a serving is 24 grams of protein (a chicken breast has about 30grams to give you a comparison)

      Google it and you’ll find great prices and flavours (tastes awesome, even mixed with water). I buy from ebay as a rule, look for seller with great feedback. Hope that helps


      • 09/03/2012

        Thanks Tom, that’s great to know as its very confusing!! :)

      • jc 28/05/2012

        hey – i have a dairy, caffeine and citrus allergy I would like to know which shake you recommend given this my aim is just to tone up – not a body builder but want the abs and the muscle definition. Also fish oil you mention is that what you cook your meat in or do you just take it in capsule form? I use olive oil at the moment for pretty much everything…

      • Tom @ UCB 28/05/2012

        Hi JC

        Where do you live?

        I strongly advise you see a friend of mine if you are in or near London. He is an amazing nutritionist and may be able to help you with those allergies email me on

        Never cook with fish oil as you will damage it. Cook with Coconut Oil. Please use the search box on the right of this page and enter Coconut oil and you’ll find the post on this, there is a lnk at the bottom of where to get it too. Use this and stop the olive oil for the reasons in that post

        Fish oils are to be taken as described in the link. Please follow that link above.


  • Jerry 10/06/2012

    In all, this weightloss routine is mainly targeted on assisting a person to increase their fat burning capacity by using the correct exercises and following a diet plan as well. By following the system comprehensive and term for term, all individuals trying to get rid of fat will achieve just that.

    • Tom @ UCB 11/06/2012

      Thanks for the comment Jerry.

      Appreciate your comment and feedback and I know that you more than most anyone gets the science behind how the body works. Keep up the great work buddy. You’re doing a lot of good for a lot of people!

      Have a great Summer!


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  • john 06/08/2012

    Very good! but just wondering don’t our body need calcium? shouldn’t diary products be involved in some sort as well?

    • Gavin @ UCB 07/08/2012

      Hi John,

      We don’t need dairy products at all to be fair. If you look at milk in terms of calcium, it’s actually a poor source and the quality of the milk we get is poor too. There are many other food sources that are better sources of calcium…sardines, green vegetables to name a few. Hope this helps.

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  • Marco / Germany 22/01/2013


    great Post. – I normaly eat cooked/hot oats with a little bit milk, a tspoon whey protein and cinamon. Are oats bad for breakfast and fat loosing ? Should i cancel them for breakfast?


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