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The 7 laws of FAT LOSS – The do’s and the do nots!

The 7 Laws of Fat loss. I thought to myself earlier this week, what are the top or most important things that you have to do on a daily basis when in the middle of a fat loss regime or cycle and came up with these 7. There are obviously a lot more but if I had to pick the things that would give the most impact on losing body fat, then it would be these ones

In order of importance –

1) DO eat at an all PROTEIN and FAT breakfast. DO NOT eat Carbs (cereal, toast, granola or drink any fruit juice ). Why? Examples of this can be found >>>here<<<

This is so important that it virtually eclipses the remaining 6 points. If you do one thing and only one thing out of these 7, then do this!

2)  DO weight training or resistance training as the bulk of your training sessions. Weight training is hands down the BEST way to burn body fat. DO NOT spend too much time doing cardio. >>>find out why here<<<

3) DO eat 4-6 small sittings of food per day. This will keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day and provide a consistent source of energy. DO NOT skip meals. Your body will think it is being starved so will hold onto your fat stores as a survival mechanism. Very smart if you think about it but very bad in terms of fat loss.

4) DO eat a source of protein with EVERY meal. Protein is thermogenic in nature meaning the body actually uses calories in digesting and processing protein. It will also keep you fuller for longer meaning you will less be less likely to break your diet. DO NOT eat simple carbohydrates or sugar of any sort, eg white bread, pasta, rice, breakfast cereal, sugar and limit your fruit intake

5) DO supplement your diet with a protein shake. Contrary to popular belief, this will not make ANY female big and bulky (see here for more)  DO NOT believe the rubbish the guy at work tells you about protein shakes making you big and bulky :)

6) DO have lots of essential fats in your daily diet and DO supplement with a good quality FISH OIL. Fat is an important part of your diet when losing body fat and strangely enough, good fats make you thin, not fat. Confused? Look here for more on that. DO NOT eat fat-free foods and keep your fat intake low when trying to lose body fat. Fat free usually means high sugar.

7) DO drink 2-3 litres per day. Water is incredibly important on any fat loss programme. Good hydration will help you burn body fat. DO NOT restrict your water intake as this will have the opposite effect on your body making your store water and appear bloated.

So there we have my top 7 points to adhere to when trying to lose body fat. I have one more bonus point for those that have made it this far……the cheat meal! Yes that’s right, you can literally cheat yourself thin. Enjoy!

Fat loss is easy when you know how yet so many people struggle. Stick to these points and you will be amazed at your results :)

Train hard, live easy.

Gavin @ UCB

PS. Free diet 30min diet consultation to anyone that gets this far and emails me on with the word “diet” in the subject title :)


  • James Mountstephens 28/03/2012

    Point 8 – carry a large bottle to urinate in as you will find yourself pissing like a racehorse from your 3 litre water intake! X

  • tomucb 28/03/2012

    haha…. Man up James…. hope you are using some of this free advice. I’ll be checking up on you soon.

    This is a great post Gav. I’m the leanest I have ever been and you know that I practice what we both preach at UCB.

    Really happy to see the progression of this Blog from inception (nearly a year ago – thanks to you Gav) to now with nearly 20,000 readers.

    March 28th 2013…. I wonder how many hits by then?

  • BARRY 04/04/2012

    cant just eat protein and fat for breakfast, my workout is at 9am, full on pro kickboxing training – need oats for slow release energy…

    • On the contrary Barry….I have been eating a pure protein and fat breakfast for years and it will actually give you more energy than your oats. Its a tough one to take in but its true. Have lots of good fats in the morning…much more energy and you will get leaner too. :)

  • boothp 10/04/2012

    Just starting the protein and nuts breakfast today and will let you know how I get on. What I do know is that the protein intake before any carbs works a treat. I cant remember the detail, but I recal reading an article many years ago about how protein stimulates your serotonin(happy and alert drug) levels and carbs stimulate your Melotonin(lethargic and sleepy drug) levels. So I do know the high protein will wake you up big time!
    It’s still dark outside so I’m up way too early! Tips on food to help me sleep long and deep would be good.
    Have a good day!


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