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YOU Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet!

You can’t OUT TRAIN a bad diet!

It’s time to revisit a subject that we are pulled back to time, and time and time again.

The subject is once again of nutrition and it’s place in being healthy, happy and looking the best you can – without getting too obsessed by it all!

It’s interesting to see how many people read our blog and newsletters and who have made great progress. Many people take what they feel is applicable to them and leave out the rest.

Others will do it in steps. They will change one thing, and make that a habit. Then they will change another. It’s great to see clients who say to us; “I’ll never be able to do that” at the start of their training with us, now doing that very thing and more.

The meat and nut breakfast is a great example of this. The look of disgust that is given by some people when we suggest that this is such a great string to their health and fat loss bow, is amusing. Think back to when you first heard us, or someone else mention it.

How did you feel? Were you buzzed at the prospect of having boundless energy, better moods and improved fat loss (it’s so effective for all three), or did you think; “there is no freakin way I’ll ever do that, anyway I eat oats for breakfast and that’s good for me!”…… WRONG!

Well those that have ‘seen the light’ now understand why we go on about that protocol (thanks to Charles Poliquin) and many other tips that are maybe a little easier to digest, but out of people’s comfort zones none the less.

Now to the title of this post. There is an element of our readers and a mizzillion other people out there that think that just because they spend 3-6 hours a week exercising that they can eat what they want.

Big mistake!

The 70/30 rule must be applied to your health. It’s 70% nutrition and 30% exercise (ok that’s being simplistic and there is no mention of sleep, stress management, lifestyle, etc, but lets keep things simple for now).

YOU cannot OUT TRAIN a bad diet!

Eat consistently well, Train harder and more efficiently than others and you’ll be feeling and looking your best in no time.

Use our blog for information. There is a border on the right side of the blog that contains information about past articles, topics and the posts that have got the most attention. Use it. It’s free and take some time to learn more as others have. We love writing and we love getting testimonials and feedback from people applying what we preach.

I’ll be posting a recipe for a chocolate mouse very soon that is good for you and kerbs cravings for bad foods. It will level out your blood sugars and it tastes amazing. It was thought up by a very talented nutritionist friend of ours and is suitable for vegans….. (not sure that we have many vegan readers, but anyway it’s suitable for you if you are)

If you are keen to see that happen THEN leave a comment at the bottom of the page saying so. It will take you 30 seconds! Think of that again Chocolate Mouse that is good for you, and there will even be a cherry on top!….. 30 seconds for guilt free choc choc mouse…. Fair trade off? comments below PLEASE

Train Hard, Live Easy

Tom @ UCF



  • Sal 06/07/2012

    So nice to hear similar stuff to the stuff i was taught by Cain leatham on his optimum nutrition course.

    You guys obviously do your homework. Thanks!!


  • Caterine 06/07/2012

    I want that recipe so bad. Its Chocolate mouse! You have to share it asap.
    Tom, theres another thing I get confuse: cheat meals. I understand they’re supposed to speed the metabolism, but is there a specific way of doing it? I mean, how often and for how long- 1 hour? cheers.

  • Mike.F 06/07/2012

    I’ve been following the principles of the 14 day fat buster diet for the last 5 days including the Tabata workouts .. And unless there is something wrong with my scales I’ve lost 10lb!!!……love the breakfasts always hated dull porridge and. Cerals so used to skip it… The nuts eggs fish and meat I’ve had this week have made me feel really alert. I’ll be honest I Iove a pint or glass of wine of an evening, so I’ve found that part difficult but will stay off it for a few more weeks …… The other difficult part for me is my sweet tooth.. Weirdly I never thought I had one but come day 3 I just craved something sugary ….. So would love to get that mousse reciepe.

    I love the blogs and updates and found the YouTube demos useful…… And cooking with coconut oil is genius!! I alter the diet after 3 weeks little but the principles will stay …. Thanks guys … I’ll let you know how I get on in a few weeks.

    Oh and I hope Gav made it down the mountain in one peice !!!

  • Tom @ UCB 06/07/2012

    Sal :: well we do our best to keep our ears to the ground in terms of the latest research. Glad to hear Cain does too.

    Caterine :: Once we have a few more posts we’ll have the recipe up.

    Once we get used to eating clean and keeping our blood sugars nice and level then the occasional cheat meal is good to give your pancreas a wake up call.

    Just to let you know the pancreas releases insulin and is overworked in many people due to them eating the wrong foods which dumps far too much sugar/glucose into their blood stream.

    The body reacts to the higher levels of glucose (as it is damaging if left to float about in the blood) and releases insulin which then wants to drive the glucose into the bodies cells to use as energy. However if the cells are already full (which they most probably will be unless you have been intensely exercising), then the second option is to store the glucose for future energy, as FAT.

    I’ll let Gav go into the details as to why the cheat meal at the right time will make you leaner as he’s the side of the partnership who knows how all that works much better than I.

    Mike :: Great news. Always great to get feedback like that. It’s a massive pleasure to get emails, calls and be told in person how this is changing peoples lives for the better.

    Sure it’s great to lose a few pounds (or many more – 10 pounds – awesome), however we have cleverly hidden the fact that people who stick with the plan get more energy, feel more alert, sleep better, feel in a better mood, etc, etc.

    It’s a win-win-win-etc. Keep us up to date mate and any photos would be massively appreciated.

    ps yes Gav made it and has not shut up about it since getting back!

    Cheers guys Tom

  • Deb 11/07/2012

    Chocolate mousse??!! Yum! Raspberries – my favourite fruit…recipe pleeaase!! I’m pretty good with my diet but my biggest downfall is my sweet tooth. I love the fact that a nutritionist has created a dessert that is good for you. Healthy, tasty food ideas / recipes are the way forward!! It’s all well and good eating as healthily as possible but you need to enjoy it too. I intend to study nutrition and one of the reasons for that is so that I can create healthy, tasty meals / desserts like this :0)

  • Tom @ UCB 12/07/2012

    It’s been brought to my attention that I said chocolate mouse, and not mousse! Sorry guys, no mice just mousse’s.

    Meeting said nutritionist this weekend. Watch this space and post on facebook to remind me if you are getting cravings 😉


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