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So I went to Scotland last Friday for a weekend of adventure with my daughter Mia. We had a great time and one of the highlights of our trip was the search for The Loch Ness monster. 

Mia and I went up and down Loch Ness in a speed boat for over one and half hours looking for Nessie and we couldn’t find her much to Mia’s dismay, so much so that she made the statement “maybe she has died Daddy and has sunk to the bottom”.  I replied, “yes, maybe that’s it.”

I’m beginning to think it’s all a myth myself :)

Anyway, moving on from my highland tales to something that is crazy and amazing all rolled into one.

I got chatting to a woman sitting next to me on the flight back from Scotland who was reading a book entitled “How insulin was discovered”.  At first I thought she must be a doctor as it looked a pretty heavy book and not one for the casual reader. It turned out that she was a diabetic herself and was just about to start work for a charity that raises funds for Diabetes. “Excellent” I remarked and she asked me if I knew anything about insulin and diabetes. I told her about what I do for a living and this is where the conversation got interesting.

The inevitable happened and I asked her what she eats for breakfast to which she answered “toast”. I nearly choked on my box of Pringles (I was with an 8yr old remember). It turns out that her doctor had advised her to eat whole wheat or brown toast in the morning as it is low GI and would not affect her blood sugar that much, but more importantly, it only raised it a certain amount, an amount that she could adequately control with a shot of insulin. She also said that she also took insulin before she ate her breakfast to minimise the rise in blood sugar, as well as after.

I told her this was absolutely crazy and at first this niggled her slightly so I changed tack swiftly. In my opinion, I said, wouldn’t you be better off with an all protein breakfast and she said that the doctor had advised her that toast was the best option. “Won’t eggs give me high cholesterol?” she said, to which I answered no (unless the eggs you eat are of the battery kind that is). I explained that an all protein and fat breakfast is the best start anyone can have in the morning. I said that the meat and nut breakfast would give her an abundance of energy and mental acuity and that it would drastically reduce her need for insulin. I said why would you eat something that would raise your blood sugar significantly to then use an endogenous source of synthetic insulin to control this spike?

Surely this is CRAZY isn’t it?

I suggested that she tried the protein and fat breakfast for two weeks and see how she feels. The added bonus is that you may drop 5-6lbs of body weight in the process purely by default which of course is always a bonus for most people. She smiled back at me.

In summary. If you can control your blood sugar, you can control the amount of insulin your pancreas produces to control this blood sugar. If you control your production of insulin you can control the amount of body fat your store and more importantly in this woman’s situation, possibly reduce the amount of drugs needed to control her health condition.

Just to note, I’m not a doctor and I’m not an expert in the treatment of diabetes but I do know how certain foods affect your blood sugar and insulin response. If you have diabetes, know anyone that has diabetes or just want to lose body fat and feel great every single morning then please look at the protein and good fats breakfast option. You will never look back, that I promise.

Gavin @ UCF

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