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7 Reasons Why You Need Quality Suplements For Fat Loss And Sports Performance

7 Reasons You Should Be Taking Supplements For Fat Loss

Exercise is good for us, this much we know! But does it come at a cost? Ironically the more active we get, the higher our requirement for the essential nutrients to allow us to perform and rebuild better than before. Here are 7 reasons why you need supplements for fat loss and sports performance and why we believe that one company provide the best nutritional supplements available anywhere in the world.

If you exercise then this is a must read!

If we want to access fat stores, and outperform the competition we may think we are doing everything right by eating the right foods and training correctly while getting adequate sleep and making positive lifestyle choices. However if we are missing out on just a millionth of a gram of an essential micronutrient day, after day that is our missing link in the chain of progress.

Let’s take the example from one of the Gods of Sports nutrition Dr Michael Colgan from his book called The New Nutrition;

“Vitamin B12 is a good one. You require only a few micrograms (millionths of a gram) of B12 each day: The RDA is only 2 micrograms. Your blood contains only about 5 nanograms (billionths of a gram) per litre, less than a speck of dust. You couldn’t see that amount even under a microscope. It represents less than one part per trillion of your body weight. Yet if you lack that infinitesimal speck, your whole body declines into serious disease of pernicious anemia, which gradually destroys the myelin sheaths protecting your nerves, leading to blindness, insanity and death.

A second example is iodine. About 50 micrograms per day is considered sufficient for most people. This is still an amount so tiny you could hardly see it on the head of a pin. Every day your body separates out the few molecules of iodine that occurs in different whole foods with a precision far beyond the most advanced computer, and transports them straight to the thyroid gland. There they convert an inert chemical called thyronine into powerful thyroid hormones. These hormones then control your energy supply, your mood, and even how well you can think.”

So it’s time to get to the magnificent seven;

1 – Exercise produces free radicals. So does smoking, stress, sunlight, pollution and in fact, the normal process of breathing. We breathe a lot more when we’re training – if we are doing it properly! Attack by these on your body is the same process as the rusting of iron . We need to protect against this “rusting process” by eating antioxidants. These occur naturally in our foods but because of our polluted environment and nutrient-poor foods, study after study shows that supplementation is necessary to help protect ourselves. The fact is, the harder we train to improve ourselves and our health, the more antioxidants we need.

2 – The body is complicated with numerous chemical reactions occurring every second. These reactions are complicated and have many steps in them. One inadequate or missing nutrient will impair performance – YOU’RE ONLY AS STRONG AS YOUR WEAKEST LINK. This is true in your muscles and it’s true in your cells. Provide it with all the macro and micronutrients it needs for optimum function to resist disease and improve performance.

3 – Chromium (in the correct forms) has been shown in numerous studies to reduce body-fat and increase lean muscle mass by improving insulin metabolism. But that doesn’t mean just supplement with chromium – see (2!)

4 – Essential fats help to lose body-fat by providing the right ingredients to make healthy cell membranes. This means that the cell can excrete toxins, take in their nutrition and work efficiently. Sluggish cells mean sluggish you!

5 – During exercise, minerals are lost in sweat. These include calcium and magnesium essential for healthy bones throughout life. The increase in protein intake necessary for a good response to training also creates acid in the body – Again many studies show we are deficient in these important minerals – and even more so if we’re training. We need to invest in our bone bank if it is to stay healthy throughout life.

6 – Enough antioxidants on-board means quicker recovery allowing you to train more effectively;  less muscle soreness and therefore faster results.

Supplements for Fat Loss7 – Do you want to use the same supplements as Serena Williams and the top 160 women tennis players in the world, the British, US and Canadian speed-skating teams, Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, the world’s #1 badminton player,  numerous Olympic medallists and recommended by thousands of nutritional and medical experts worldwide. Thought so – so do we!

It is most important when choosing a supplement to evaluate its efficacy carefully – incorrectly balanced formulas, inadequate dosages, cheap ineffective synthetic ingredients and poor manufacturing are unfortunately rife in the supplement industry. A good indication of a poor supplement is one made with a 100% RDA formula. One company in our opinion stands head and shoulders above the competition and our research has led us to recommend one Brand as our supplement of choice. They are not the cheapest but we wouldn’t expect them to be. For a fraction the price of a cup of coffee each day we believe we are giving ourselves the best chance of a long, healthy and productive life.

We’ve been taking them for 10 years now!

If you would like to get these  products at the same prices that we at Ultimate City Fitness pay then please email us

“If you don’t look after your body, then where are you going to live?”    Michael Colgan


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  • Simon Byrne 19/02/2014

    Hi guys recently bought your 14 day fat burn program and really enjoyed info and routine makes perfect sense can you clear up one thing for me about fish oil as loads of info out there and this professor is actually saying its harmful on youtube know there is loads of opinions around but need to find out facts would appreciate if you have any resources or other articles to clarify this see his point here – has caused many to rethink about fish oil Firstly their has been a huge amount of debate about Omega 3 Fish oil and whether its actually good for you or actually be harmful ,possibly aiding in bringing on Prostate cancer and all sort of negative effects their is a Professor Peskin on Youtube who has a huge amount of negative info against taking fish oil, realise their is a lot of BS out there, but his studies have brought some concerns to light here is a link to his video for reference :

    I personally take Omega 3 Fish Oil every day 5 capsules after breakfast and all I want to know really is should I top taking it or look for better source ? kind regards Simon


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