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Father Christmas, Man or Myth?

Disclaimer, if you do believe in him then please scroll down to just under the picture of him below and continue reading!

So for those of you left, here’s my short story. I believed in Santa, or rather I did.

I remember how exited I was when I was young, all those years ago…….. Many, many years ago.

I’d get all excited running up to the big day. Dad and Mum would help me put out my stockings first and then the mince pie and sherry for him on Christmas eve and a biscuit for Rudolf (even then I knew reindeers must be fuelled on biscuits, I mean how else could they fly!)

Anyway, back in school one day when about 17 (or was was I eight) my illusions were shattered by some horrible boy who spilled the beans with great relish and then reality set in. :(  Those sleigh bells were actualy mum and the mince pie was eaten by dad….. nooooooooo!

Life would never be the same again.

It was also that year that I found out my uncle’s hairy chest was not bought from Woolworths and he was not Spiderman and guarding the Crown Jewels. It was a tough year, of which I think I have never actually recovered!

Well, I’m afraid its time to shatter another well loved myth, and I’m going to be the horrible boy at school and shatter it.

A recent photo of Santa from North Pole

The myth in question…..

‘You get enough vitamins from the food you eat’

Yes I used to believe this too, and way back in the day it may have been true in some cases. However a lot has changed between then and now.

Just have a think about how food gets its vitamins and minerals in the first place.

Its not by magic, like Rudolf’s flying skills.

If we look at the source of the micro-nutrients then we have to look at the soil as most of what we eat either grows in it, or eats what grows in it.

Soil now contains a fraction of the nutrients that it used to. This is due to over farming, mass use of NPK fertilisers, lack of crop rotation and the pressures of feeding an ever increasing populous. Add in the fact that many fruits and veg are picked before they are ripe in exotic countries, and then stored in oxygen free containers to be shipped/flew to our lovely island. Many delicate vitamins like Vitamin C that were there at the start of the trip, sadly disappear during their exciting trip.

If the nutrients are not there then guess what….the plants/vegetables/Daisy the cow, and Lamby the lamb cannot absorb them. And if they don’t contain them then there is no way that we will absorb what is not there!

We have robbed the soil of it’s nutrition but expect the food to still have all the vitamins and minerals we need. It’s an outdated and sadly romantic thought that the vitamins and minerals are still there.

Many of us now live in Cities. Cities are cited as being a stress factor in themselves, which mean we experience stress before we even realise it upon waking. This is before work stress, family stress, monetary stress, 50 shades of grey performance stress and so on!

If you exercise, then guess what you are in more need of vitamins and minerals…. don’t believe me? Click here for more information on how to maximise your health, wellness, sleep quality, sports performance and delay the aging (oxidation) process. Yes antioxidants slow down the rate at which we age too!

Another link for those that see health as a priority and want to make sure they are protecting themslves from the inside. The evidence is stacking up and medicine admits that the right micro-nutrients in the right amounts improve life and reduce the chances of degenerative disease!

Train hard, live easy.

Tom @ UCF

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