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Cheat Days

Cheat Days

Time for another blog post based on self discovery and common sense.

Please note common sense should be called uncommon sense in many respects but there’s a subject for another day!

Hopefully the title pulled you in and made you smile. You hear people throwing the adage, ‘you are what you eat’ around all the time. I am one of those people.

Then a nutritionist will say that; ‘you are what you digest from what you eat’ – meaning if things are not functioning well in your gut then forget about optimum health and fat loss or great body composition even if you eat all the best and most nutritious foods on earth!

Then someone will pipe in with; ‘you are what you eat has eaten’. This goes along the premise of putting some thought and time into working out the life and conditions of the food you’re eating/about to eat.

For example if something is in a supermarket value range, it may be value for your wallet as production costs are lower for that food. Lets look at a happy old chicken.

One value chicken spends it’s days in a dark shed with thousands of others, there is light in the shed for 23 hours a day as chickens eat when it’s light and someone worked out that bathing (like that word in this context) the little (soon to be fat) guys in light for so long you can get them bigger faster. Sure this lack of sleep causes them stress which effects them , firstly and the meat they are about to turn into, secondly but hey we’re after profit here not wellfare.

cheat days

Stressed creatures get sick, weak creatures get sick, unhappy creatures get sick. Sickness leads to death. Death leads to loss in profits. Sooooo let’s ply the little guys with antibiotics! Problem solved 😉 well remember we are what we eat has eaten!! Think you never take antibiotics, think again!

They can’t move about as they have no space and sit in what they excrete. Sadly no one mentioned the good old line ‘don’t sh+t where you eat’ to these chucks. They don’t get any choice. The irony is we as society don’t want to be obese but cause our food supply to be on occasion :/

Switch to the other extreme, a hen that lives on a farm in a chicken coup like one of the two at the end of my sister and bro-in-laws garden.

They get up when they want, no false lights here, get as much suntime as Mother Nature allows the English countryside (so very little then 😉 and eat scraps of veg, worms, bugs, you know chicken stuff. It’s the stuff that chickens naturally eat and thus it makes them strong and healthy and they don’t get sick as a rule.

cheat days

They fly about and dodge my nephews (when they can see pic for Daisy and Buttercup with the boys) and lay eggs daily. They are lean and athletic and if they were on a farm and not under the watchful eye of the clan down there they would be full of great nutrition to pass up the food chain to us.

Anyway you get my point and the chickens you get don’t always luck in in the chicken lottery to get hatched into a life of awesomeness like those in the pic, but think about where your ones come from, and any other food for that matter. This is a little off tangent from; You are what you cheat, but important so I’m keeping it in :-)

Those of you that know me, or read this blog or our newsletter may know about the fact that I hit 40 on June 4th (mark date for future years please). yes I kept it quiet but a few people found out 😉 Hey most people want to keep the fact that they are advancing in years on the down low, but I used it as an excuse to motivate myself to get into my best ever shape, which I did and you can read about it HERE

I decided to set a goal to get into shape eight weeks before my birthday and I hit the goal. I am not making a revelation here but when we humans set a goal, and then emotionally connect to the goal it gives us reason to focus and in the case of nutrition and training it helps keep us on the path of success, in order to hit and complete the goal!

Now as another saying goes (yes I like sayings) If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything. This is very true for when you’re not connected to an end result/goal as I was. You can easily be swayed by the inner demons to eat some crap, and once that starts then if you are anything like me then I will start eating anything!

cheat days

Now as you can see I sidetracked onto the subject of food quality and goals!

However this article is called ‘You Are What You Cheat!’ so lets get back to the title!

We humans are hard wired to cheat and eat foods that are fatty and sugary as they are the foods that would supply us with lots of energy in times of hardship during evolution.

The hormones and chemicals in your body don’t understand that what they are now craving is a donut at that Krispy Cream stand at the train station. Hmmmm donuts!

It could just as easily be organ meat from a freshly self killed animal that we’ve spent hours tracking and hunting, finished off with a few berries that we chanced upon on the way home from the kill. Berries that are just in season for very short times in the year, not on tap at supermarkets year round.

When we stave our bodies of basic nutrition we crave things we shouldn’t as a safety device to stock up on energy for times of hardship. Back in Neanderthal times this may have been a winter when food is scarce of hibernating.

cheat days

The funny thing is that if you do not eat a balanced diet full of the right macro nutrients (Protein, Fats and occasional carbs that have been earned) and micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals, ….) and water, then you may think you are eating enough but you are in the classic situation of overconsumption of nutrient deficient foods… starving yourself by eating too many rubbish/junk foods!

Onto we are what we cheat.

I hear many people say that we have to live a little and that extra donut or packet of crisps won’t kill them. They are spot on as one donut or packet won’t but compound all the donuts, chocolate, crisps, chips, and other crap together that they also justify as living a little and then add a fair amount of soda drinks and too much caffeine and alcohol with a side order of sleep deprivation and stress and then there is a recipe for living very little.

I personally agree that we should live a little and have targeted cheat meals when we let go, it’s actually good for us as explained HERE Eating a healthy diet and supplementing with quality supplements is my way of living a little a lot!

I want to live a long life.

I know that a good way to achieve that goal is to eat well 80-90% of the time and let my hair down the other 10-20% of the time (trust me I do this well)

A well timed cheat will do you benefit.

A compound of many cheats will f*ck you up and initially leave you low on energy, lack quality sleep, effect your moods, ruin your skin, stress you out. Long term effects of too many cheats will be whatever degenerative disease your DNA and genetics mixed with lifestyle factors conjure up.

I know there is family history of Cancer, Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s in my family and I’ll do absolutely everything I can not to get them and stop those around me that listen from the same fate.

We are what we eat, we are what we cheat, think about the two!

Make the cheats count and live a long, happy and healthy life. Without your health, nothing matters. Respect yourself.

Train Hard, Live Easy


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