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Meet Ania….

Meet Ania everybody.


Many of you may remember her testimonial from earlier in the year. Since then, Ania has gone even further with her amazing results in the gym. To top that off, she just got back from her wedding in Poland and wanted to tell her story.

It’s a long testimonial but I wanted to include every word from Ania herself, rather than the watered down version.

Over to Ania…..

Ania Montage


“I met Gavin a year and a half ago in the gym while trying to sweat off some weight on one of these useless, horrible cross-trainers.

Back then I was convinced I really don’t need a personal trainer to lose weight. I was always a sporty type.

I trained horse-jumping as a teenager, I was a part of my high school’s volleyball team. Then I went to university and was busy with “studying”  and I slowly started to lose control over the way I looked ….and it continued when I came to London 3 years ago. I was very busy for the first two years doing my master’s degree and working full time.

It was hard at times and thus very easy to get my diet wrong…junk food, sandwiches and chocolate to survive another lecture.

Things were getting out of control and I was gradually gaining kilos and losing self-confidence as I was frustrated about the way I looked…so…I decided to do something about it and I signed up for the gym.

Though in my busy lifetime was not much time left (so I thought at least) there was always a good excuse to skip the gym.

And when I finally went there, already tired after uni and work, like many other poor creatures, I spent there one hour and a half (thinking that was the least a proper workout should last) sweating aimlessly on those bloody cardio machines and proudly reaching for the 4kg dumbbells (never more because I didn’t want to bulk up, of course! ).

Exhausted, a bit discouraged (as the results were not as expected) I was looking for yet another excuse not to go to the gym and was getting more frustrated about my looks.

And then I met Gavin but, as I mentioned, I was sure I don’t need a personal trainer to get lean.

I did, however, sign up for newsletters from UCF and I started reading articles Tom & Gav posted there……

Half a year later (with no results of my training and constantly rising frustration level) I decided to give a try to a 14 day Fat Furnace Programme.

It took me a while to convince myself to it as the idea of eating protein breakfast was simply putting me off (by the way…I only eat protein breakfast now and there is no way I will go back to eating bread or those sugar-packed, “healthy” Special K for breakfast).

The results were amazing after two weeks of FF Programme.

I lost 5 kg and gained motivation and faith that actually I can change the way I look and feel.

In the end of August I signed up for bootcamps once per week and then decided to swap bootcamp for 1 x 30 min PT session with Gavin in October.

I lost 13 kg in 4 months and it was great to go back home for Christmas and see everyone’s reaction! They were amazed to see what I achieved in such a short amount of time and they were even more amazed when I told them that all I did was weight-lifting once a week combined with tabatas and sprints.

No more one and a half an hour, boring workouts! And of course everyone asked: “What is the secret to this magic transformation?” and the answer was simple: “follow the plan!”.

I think the key to success in my case is that I trust Gavin and I listen to what he says and I follow it, that’s it! This process requires some hard work, no doubt about it, but it is nothing in comparison to how you feel when you finally look great and you start to like yourself again!

And one more thing…train like a man and you will look like a woman! That’s for sure!

When I was in Poland for Christmas and I told everybody that I do squats carrying 80 kg on my shoulders, they couldn’t believe it.

Some people admired it, some told me to stop in order not to look like a man. I didn’t listen to those sceptics, of course.

I came back to Poland in June, this time to get married and looking even leaner than in winter. My mum had tears in her eyes when she saw how I look and feel about myself and those who were scared I was going to look like a man…well they had nothing to say anymore.

I would like to thank Gav and Tom one more time for everything.

The moment I started training with UCF my life has changed and it is not only about the lost kilograms but also about the gained confidence and respect for myself.

I never looked so good in my life and it is because I learned so much about healthy dieting and exercising.

Even though I was doing sports before, going to cardio classes 6 times a week I couldn’t get so lean and now I know that it’s because of my diet (“healthy” Special K was a part of it). What is even more amazing, I became an inspiration to many of my friends who decided to change their lifestyles after observing my story.

And my story continues…I carry on training, eating well, feeling good. And I admit, I love it ”
An amazing story from Ania I’m sure you would all agree.
This is what we do at UCF. We give you the answers to all the questions and teach you EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work, despite what the media tells you. We cut through the crap and help you achieve the best results possible, whatever your goals!

Congratulations Ania, firstly on your results in the gym. Your effort has been superb and you have been rewarded accordingly. Secondly, congrats on your wedding. I wish you and your lucky husband all the best for now and the future!

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