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A New Challenge Is Needed…..

So I’m 40!

It feels pretty good really, actually it’s a cliché but I still feel like I’m in my twenties, just with a few extra lines and aches….. and there I was thinking I was bulletproof!

I enjoyed the focus I got from getting into the best shape of my life on my 40th Birthday this year.  Here’s a run up to that…. I followed that up with a Tough Mudder which I’d been looking forward to, in a sadistic way, but once they were over then the spark that a challenge gave me was gone.


I lost focus and was caught in a drift of nothingness. Sure I want to stay in shape, but what for? Yes I know that eating well and training and a good lifestyle are good for me (I make a business out of preaching and teaching this), give me more energy and extend the years in my life, but we are short term beings when it comes to thinking unless we set targets, or goals in the future.

Without a target to aim for we end up hitting nothing and that was me post 40 and Mudder!

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Before I continue boring you with my WHY, what is yours? Why do you go to the gym? Why don’t you go to the gym? What will inspire you to do so? What excites you? It has to be something Specific to you, which is Measurable, and naturally Attainable, that is Realistic to your lifestyle, and Time based. The acronym SMART is used for these goals and we’ll have a newsletter from a specialist in goal setting coming up very soon.

So time to set a new challenge and direction in my life. The goal had to be a challenge, one that is a little different to losing a few % bodyfat as I’ve done that or complete a 12 mile assault course (incidentally I wrote to Jim’ll Fix It as a young boy and asked to complete a SAS assault course, so I kind of hit that goal 30+ years later).

Something somewhat uncomfortable that takes me out of my safe zone. Something that people will hold me accountable to. Something that people will take great pleasure in telling me off about if I don’t follow up on my word.

I’ll get companies involved so I have a commitment to them. I’ll set up a Blog series of which this will be the Pre-post following my progress.

I’ll upset certain people by posting pictures of what I am doing on Facebook (haha- kind of in-joke) but hopefully, just hopefully I’LL MOTIVATE A FEW OTHER PEOPLE READING THIS TO GET OUT OF THE DRIFT THEMSELVES AND MOTIVATE THEM TO SET SOME TARGETS TOO. Note this is something I work on with my clients when we start working together and at times through the training/coaching process as they hit theirs!

Life is what we make of it, and I have decided to take the plunge and have entered the WBFF Male Fitness Model Competition at the O2 Indigo in November.

I have been talked into this by UCFitness Co-Owner and best buddy Gavin Gillibrand BSc. and by friend and motivation Shaun Stafford, owner of City Athletic in London and the 2012 WBFF World Champ in this category!!

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Here’s the competition criteria

Male Fitness Model Judging Criteria:

The WBFF will be judging males on their masculine style, marketability and stage presence; Male models will also be judged on their ability to display their character, style and self-confidence. Males will be expected to show off their physical attributes, that project a fit and healthy lifestyle; A lean, well-proportioned toned and healthy looking body is the look that is wanted.

40%- Overall Marketability

40%- Physique

20%- Stage Presence

As you can see I have no chance, but it will be FUN and a challenge, so here’s to taking things to the next level. (side note I am actually really driven for this!!!)

Here’s a few of the support team!

kinetica_prorelease_1036061KINETICA. Kinetica Sports Nutrition products are the best we have found in that highly competitive sector. The fact that many top sports teams, and athletes use their products and they are made to the highest quality sits well with us at Ultimate City Fitness.

Their whey and casein protein products come from the milk of grass fed cows and they are great guys to work with. They have supported us on a few events and I am proud that they are supporting my goal in November!!!

They are kindly giving all UCF readers a 25% discount on their entire range, just click this link 25% off KINETICA … oh and put UCF123 into the coupon box to get the discount 😉

new head shotGAVIN GILLIBRAND. My best buddy and the other half of Ultimate City Fitness. Gav is my prep coach for this competition. He is also working with the incredible Alex ‘DELTS’ O’Hanlon.

Alex got down to 8% earlier this year and will be competing at the WBFF comp this November too in the Diva Fitness Category.

Gav co-wrote the 14 Day FAT FURNACE™ with myself and is always an inspiration!

matt fistMATT LOVELL. Matt is a Elite Nutritionist and works with some of the best athletes in the country, including the England rugby team, Spurs, Man City and British Athletics.

Author of a Fist Full Of Food, which is a must read!

He is overseeing the nutritional part of the plan and will make tweaks here and there when needed. Matt helped formulate the KINETICA range and is part of the reason we trust them to boost our results.

steve-grant-nutritionist-central-london2STEVE GRANT. I’ve been lucky enough to know Steve Grant Health for a while now. Steve will keep an eye on the analytics of the journey. Watching Body Fat, Muscle Mass and reaction of the body to different foods.

He specialises in digestive health, and works with many Film stars and stunt teams.

The next post will set down my starting point, my goals in a specified format, some more info on the team and any other trinkets I can muster up :-)



PS Pics from my latest shoot with SNH Foto, contact me to get great rates on shooting with Simon!

Tom 40th Shoot


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