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WBFF 2013. The road ahead. Part 1

WBFF 2013

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That done, now let’s get started and before we start we have to know what the starting point is. I took a trip to see Hollywood Nutritionist Steve Grant for him to do some body fat readings and get a Allergix IgG4 Food Antibodies test done…..

WBFF 2013

I know what you’re thinking (well most of you) – WTF is that? Well it tests for reactions to 30 of the most reactive foods and lists them in severity.

I just wanted to make sure I am good with all the foods as I’ll be eating a lot of them if I am looking to add muscle over the next few weeks/months. I think I was close to having severe blood loss as you can see from the pictures!!


My bodyfat according to the Jackson and Pollock procedure is 8.1%. To give you an idea of how different equations give different results I measured 9.6% on the well known bio-signature software for bodyfat. Back on June 4th (it was my 40th birthday – yes still milking that) I was 4.9% on the Jackson and Pollock and a crazy 3.1% on the biosig. Much as my ego prefers the biosig reading there, I think the J & P reading is more accurate.


Now in order to look great I have to make some sacrifices! Anyone that reads this BLOG and gets these newsletters knows of my love of Snickers bars! I literally eat one and then end up eating a 4 pack…. this is not good practice if a six pack is desired. It was in great regret that In ate my last Snickers bar the week after my birthday on June 11th.

WBFF 2013

Yes dark forces try and drag me back into eating them, but not this time!

The body and more importantly the mind is an interesting thing though. It convinced me that switching to other milk chocolate and nut products was now ok as long as I was not eating snickers…. yes there seems to be an addiction hidden here somewhat obviously. M%S chocolate covered nuts started to be coveted! My justification – Nuts are good for me!

I had to nip this in the bud so the next stage was cutting out milk chocolate products! Job done, this was two weeks ago and after the initial week of passing any newsagent and wanting to raid the place of it’s dairy milks I got over myself and now feel great without it. Addiction number one beaten!

Note I do have 70% or higher dark chocolate on a treat day (more on treat days in the future) but strangely I never feel compelled to eat any. I just do when it suits me and herein lies the key! People will say the odd Snickers will not kill me and they are correct.


It was an a point where I would be thinking about them (or chocolate in general) on a frequent basis. This is not healthy and once again I come back to the word addiction. Addictions are not good – just wanted to clarify that one 😉

Ask yourself the question; “Is there any food, drink, activity that you feel compelled to do that is unhealthy for you to do so often?” If so tell everyone that you are going to face it head on and beat it.

I am not going to become an evangelist about stopping smoking or drinking or whatever i just want to share my thought process and the competition in November has helped me knock my unhealthy love of chocolate on the head and reset it!

That is all on that subject!

….. well for now!




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