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Meet Duncan……

Meet Duncan ….

Duncan worked with Gav on his goals and was very happy with the results. Great work to them both.

Here’s his testimonial;

“I’m a 37 years old guy and have worked in the City for 13 years.

In October 2012 I was over 15 stone and hadn’t been to the gym in earnest or done any consistent exercise for over 4 years. As with many city workers my lifestyle was extremely unhealthy, late night drinking, smoking and a bad diet. I kept putting off going to the gym, using any excuse not to get started, until one of my friends introduced me to Gav.

I met with him for a consultation to run through what I wanted to achieve and thank God I did because he changed my life.

I started seeing Gav twice a week. It was hard going at first, but he set me on the right path in terms of exercise and diet and managed to keep me interested and motivated, which was no mean feat.

We trained hard but we always had a good laugh as well. He taught me what to eat and when to eat it and also the kind of exercise that delivered the results I was after, all this without me having to totally sacrifice my social life.

Within 3 months I had lost 2 stone in weight and was really starting to feel great. We then moved to the next level and started building up muscle by changing the focus of my work outs and diet plan.


After six months I was a completely new man. I looked younger, fitter, healthier and felt amazing. I saw results that would never have been possible without Gavs help.

I now realise that going to the gym and doing the standard treadmill and weights routine is a bit of a waste of time, it’s all about training and eating smart. The way Gav explained to me, it is a simple formula that works every time as long as you are willing to listen and commit to the plan.

It’s been almost a year now and I can honestly say I will never look back. My work and social life is still pretty full on, but I have learned that I can still do all those things when I want to as long as the rest of the time I stick to the plan.

It was one of the best decisions of my life to engage Gavs services as a PT, his expertise and knowledge of nutrition and work out techniques are second to none. If you are like I was and keep putting it off and finding excuses not get started, or you see hundreds of PT ads and just don’t know which one to trust, then get in touch with Ultimate City Fitness for a consultation, it might just change your life.”

Thank you Duncan, Gav did a great job there! We see this time and time again and hats off to Duncan for sharing as we deal with many people that make the transformations but are somewhat shy about showing their pictures 😉

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