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Meet Katie….

Meet Katie Lowe aka Fat Girl PHd. who is one of my favourite people.

She’s proof that determination, a plan, consistency, drive, pig headedness (I’m sure she’ll be cool with me saying that), overcoming the lows with the highs and every other such terminology that surrounds the topic of GSD – Getting Sh+t Done!

I always liked the saying that goes something like;

There are three types of people in this World, those that makes things happen, those that watch things happening and those that say ‘what happened?’…. Katie is the first!

From over 290 lbs to sub 160 lbs and falling, she is literally half the person she used to be.

We’ve been working together to reform that 160lbs into a lean, not that mean, fighting and loving machine……..

So it’s time to hear what she has to say;

Katie 2

“As someone who’s lost a lot of weight over the last few years (140lbs to be precise!) I didn’t really see the benefit of personal training. I didn’t think I needed it, as I was pretty sure I had the whole weight loss business sussed.

But in all honesty, UCF have been a complete, total revelation to me. I’ve been working with Tom for a couple of months now, and I’ve been amazed at how much of a difference his knowledge has made to the way I train.

I’ve been doing things I never, ever thought I could do – and Tom’s genuine enthusiasm, support and amazing attitude has made a huge difference to me both physically and mentally. There’s so much it turns out my body’s capable of that I wouldn’t have dared to do on my own (not least because I’ve had four knee surgeries in as many years!) This really, really proves the difference a true professional can make.

((Editor Note :: Katie rack DEADLIFTED 70Kg or 154 lbs with those knees recently!! Form is everything! – she’s awesome – watch below for the proof of her lifting a little less – 140lbs to be precise, about the amount of weight she has lost!!))

Of course, there’s also the physical aspect too – in a very short time I’ve seen an unbelievable change in my body composition, my size, and shape, as well as a vast improvement in my hair, skin and nails, all as a result of Tom’s expertise in nutrition and exercise. I never thought I’d be a chicken for breakfast kinda girl, but the huge improvements in my energy levels – as well as my general happiness and wellbeing – shows the impact a good diet and focused training can have on every aspect of your life.


I can’t stress enough how amazing a difference this training has made to me – it’s been a huge privilege to work with someone so passionate about making a real difference to the good health and happy lives of other people. I can’t wait to report back in a couple more months!” Katie aka Fat Girl, PhD

Told you she was awesome!!


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