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Open For Grass Fed Steak

Read on and we’ll show you how to get some of the best grass fed meat in the business…..

If you want results then it all starts from the start of the day and this sets up fat loss/improved body composition and success or failure from the start of the day. Combine this with other teachings in our 14 Day Fat Furnace™ book and what we write either in these newsletters, in our blog or at our talks and you’re on track to looking better in your undies and feeling better as a result.We won’t even go into all the health benefits and the potential life extension factors from living a healthier lifestyle.
It’s respect to your loving family and friends to eat well and exercise because if you get sick as a result of inactivity and poor food choices then you burden them with looking after you…. Just saying 😉
One of the ways to eat well is to get your food from sources you trust. We will feature some of the companies we use in the coming weeks.I want to give you a few testimonials about Athleat who we buy grass fed meat from.My story is this.

“I was put into contact with Athleat a few years ago by a good friend Amanda (who incidentally had her first baby last week with her husband Luis, Kilian is a future Olympian I’m sure) who is very conscious about her health and wellness.

I ordered some steak and was sold from the first bite. Grass-fed beef tastes so differently to the grain fed meat sold in the big retailers. I promptly ordered some chicken which was lb for lb about the same cost as the poor stuff available in the retailers as each breast is bigger as the animal gets raised for much longer and are fed a much better diet (as we are what we eat has eaten remember)

Time to get to a protein and good fats breakfast. Some popular combinations are eggs and almonds, chicken and avocado, trout and pecans for example. However the king is grass fed steak and nuts in my eyes.

Last week I took delivery of some Athleat flank steaks. There are two steaks in a pack, so I looked at having one a day for 5 days to see how I felt. One problem of meat is it has a acidic effect on the bodies PH levels. To combat this I would have a greens drink on awakening and then a steak and nuts about 45 mins later with some greens (kale or broccoli)

I honestly felt amazing those few days. I got noticeably leaner, as I combined this with a low carb approach for a few days and my hunger pangs disappeared. My mood was top level and I felt really sharp mentally.”

If you’ve not tried grass fed steak for breakfast before, and think it sounds out of your comfort zone nutritionally then let me remind you that all the good stuff in life usually happens just outside your comfort zone! Once many of our clients try it they will do a week every month and this really kick starts their goals. The amino acid profile of good red meat is part of the secret for the get up and go and is the reason its better than eggs for example.

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Here’s a pic of one their best selling packs….

Our second testimonial comes from Dan Hughes, Dan recently went from 17% down to 9.8% in 12 weeks training hard down in Southampton with a guy I am hearing a lot of good things about called Tom Hibbert;

“I‘ve always been active in the gym but have recently taken my nutrition and training to next level. In just 12 weeks I’ve seen awesome results thanks to Tom Hibbert at Winning Health Solutions in Southampton (, as well as accumulating a huge amount of knowledge along the way.Great nutrition has also played its part and a big thanks goes to Tom and Gav at UCF for recommending Athleat to me…since trying their meat 4 months ago, I now don’t buy from anyone else – their quality is outstanding and its fantastic to know everything is fully traceable and hormone free. I’m looking forward to them starting their fish product range too so I can get all of my shopping in one place for ultimate convenience!Along with great quality food, industry leading supplements play their part in keeping my body functioning optimally, fighting against free radicals (major cause of degenerative disease) and recovering quickly – following in the footsteps of over 600 professional athletes, I choose Usana products – ranked number one in NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” 
Lastly Gav from UCF wanted to say a few words.
“As many of you know, I was in hospital for spinal surgery in October last year. The surgeon had to go into my C5-C6 region of my cervical spine and chisel down and widen the nerve canal.I was told 3-4 weeks recovery minimum before I could go back to work and that was on the basis of a desk bound job. I was determined to be back before that. Being self employed, this was a big factor for me.Athleat kindly provided all the protein I needed for my recovery.
Here at Ultimate City Fitness, we are big fans of the products from Athleat and even more so now.I had a mixture of free range organic chicken and rump steak every day. I also used their chicken sweet chilli burgers which are phenomenal. The quality of their meat is second to none and the taste is as good as any meat I have ever cooked with.I was able to get back to work at the studio within 13 days which even surprised me.

Protein is the key to building and repairing muscles and tissues so its imperative to have a steady supply of amino acids in the body every few hours. Combining this with organic vegetables, adequate water and top USANA supplements and my recovery took great shape.

I recommend Athleat 100% and will continue to order from them as often as possible.”

Remember the 10% offer, just enter ultimatecity at checkout to get the money off.

Train SMART, live easy.


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