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9 Weeks : New You! PART 1

My how fast the weeks go by?

Last week I talked about there being 9 weeks to a new you and it all starts today!

Yes, today is the first day of the rest of you life.

The past is past and we have no control over what happened then (unless you’re called Marty McFly) so let’s look at what we can change….

The future!

Want more energy?

Want better sleep?

Want to think clearer?

Want to be impressed after having a work health screening rather than dreading her results?

Want to lose some notches on that belt or even buy a new one?

Want to enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror and realise that aging is just a state of mind?

Want to get people asking you what you’re on as you’re looking younger?

Or you just want to improve on perfection….. 😉

Well, let’s start that journey with a simple yet vital step.

Miss this step and you can kiss goodbye to all of the above.

You can forget waking up feeling on the ball.

You can kiss goodbye to optimum health.

You can dream of sleeping well if you can get enough sleep to effectively dream that is!!

What is this Part 1?

It’s drinking enough water!

Told you it was simple didn’t I….

In fact so simple that many of us just don’t drink enough and it is the root cause of lack of energy, poor focus/concentration, delayed reaction times, poor skin, and halted fat loss to name but a few!

Want to know how much you should be drinking? There is an easy formula that I was told about by functional medicine practitioner Steve Grant.

Take your Bodyweight in kilos and multiply it by 0.033 and you have the number in litres to cover your bases.

For example I weigh about 80KG right now. So 80 x 0.033 is 2.64,

….so 2.64 litres per day.

Now it’s all about getting that amount in through the day.

If I have a pint (0.56 litres) upon awakening and another at midday then I’ve got to find a time for three other pints and I know I am covered!

Setting alarms on my phone is one good way or going into the app store and searching for water drinking apps is a good idea. Here are 5 different apps reviewed by a blogger CLICK HERE

If you are exercising drink an extra litre per hour of exercise (according to Elite Sports nutritionist Matt Lovell)

You will also be able to hydrate through herbal teas. Mint, liquorice (try it as it’s completely different from the black chewy stuff and it’s great for the adrenal system), camomile and flavoured Green teas or green tea itself, yes there is a little caffeine in green tea but there are many benefits to outweigh that and a little caffeine is fine, it’s when you drink coffee, after coffee, after coffee that causes problems!

By the way, if you drink alcohol then have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. I won’t bore you with any other advice on alcohol as you already know that it’s not the livers best friend and throws a spanner in the works with regards to fat loss and other far more important processes, but it’s social and makes football more interesting, especially if you are a Norwich supporter like I am 😉 …. (looks like we may win a few games next season at last)

That’s it, nice and simple and hopefully you get the point. Make drinking water a habit this week, and then forever, and we can address another life changing habit in 7 days!

Part 2 next week and we’ve some exciting guest writers coming along to help with this journey too so keep on board.

9 weeks will go fast. Make them count and enjoy the process.


ps if you already drink enough water then great job, keep doing what you are doing and get others around you to do the same.

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