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9 weeks to a new you!

Life, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it!

50 – 100 trillions cells all with their own jobs to do in keeping you upright, breathing, at the same temperature, while thinking, and moving, and digesting, and defending, and blinking, and feeling, and loving, and hearing, and seeing, and I guess you get the point.

100 trillion is a lot!

If we use time as a reference and went back a trillion seconds we would go back to about 30,000 BC, or about 32,000 years ago.

100 trillion would take a step back 3.2 million years so that is quite a few cells

We need to look after them in order for then to look after us. We are their keeper.

So once again…. Life, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it!!

However it does not come with an instruction booklet and it’s kind of hit and miss on whether you’re on the right road to living a successful life (in whatever guise you feel that resonates with you) or not.

We tend to find that the high achievers in this world tend to be so because they have trodden the path less travelled and cut away from the pack.

They feel that they want to maximise their return on interest on this investment we call life and crave to add value to themselves and to the lives of those around them.

They all share a VISION of being better day in and day out.

You’ve probably heard the phrase that in life you’re either getting better or getting worse right?

You don’t notice the tiny, almost insignificant difference BUT trust me (well actually trust all the researchers who have studied and documented this) it’s true.

Small daily positive actions compounded over time equals fantastic results!

Things such as exercising, drinking enough water, eating lots of greens, reading 5-10 pages of a life improving book, reading your goals and so on…..

Small daily seemingly inconsequential negative actions compounded over time equals disaster.

Things such as not exercising, not drinking enough water, eating no greens, reading 5-10 pages of the Sun/Metro/Hello Magazine, not even having goals and so on…..

The interesting thing is how good and bad small things compound into good or bad BIG things!

For example a can of Coca Cola once in a while won’t do much harm and will have little, if any effect. Drink one daily over months and years and trust me, it will compound into the detriment of your health.

Throw in a Snickers every day or bag of crisps, maybe not enough sleep and a glass of wine and let’s see how all these small things compound together to make a BIG bad thing over time.

Now we need to be REAListic too. We need to LIVE our life’s and some things in moderation are great. Moderation is the key.

The more good daily habits you have, and I mean every day or at least 6 out of 7, then the more likely are you in a place to deal with those tasty treat days.

Naturally the bonus of living a holistically healthy and balanced life is you start to feel what optimum health feels like. People start to say you look younger, you start to fit into jeans and suits and dresses (ladies and Eurovision winners) that you’ve not worn in years.

Yes, looking and feeling good is a side effect of being healthy.

However, Rome was not built in a day and when people try and change many old negative habits for many new positive ones they invariably get unstuck and prove to themselves that this ‘healthy lark’ is not sustainable and revert back to default.

BUT….there is a solution.

Rather than changing many habits could we get you to change one a week for the next 9 weeks?

In other words in two months or so you’ll have worked with your body to change some habits to swing the scales to getting better every day rather than staying the same (which is in fact just getting worse)

Some will seem easy but will take time and dedication to master, others you’ll feel you can’t do and then tell us soon after that you don’t know how you survived before them. Others still will be easy.

A year from now you’ll have kept your favourite ones and forgotten the rest but hopefully, just hopefully you’ll have addressed the healthy balance, or boosted it at least.

Next week we’ll tell you habit one. Until then….. Have a great week ahead.


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