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Don’t Do What We Did!

It’s Friday!

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How has your week been?

Here at UCF things have been great. A fantastic week of training clients and a packed boot camp still to come tomorrow at 10am. If you don’t know about our Boot camp check it out here.

Yesterday, Tom and I were at The French Open in Paris to see the tennis. Mixed doubles final and the ladies semi-finals was the order of play. After 1 hour of the mixed doubles, we decided a spot of lunch was called for.

The pic above was pre-lunch :)

BREAD. I love it. Tom loves it. We all love it but it doesn’t make you look or feel that great….

My 1st course was Burrata, tomatoes and pesto. Main was filet of beef with mashed potatoes and I finished with a cheeky chocolate fondant with ice cream. Add in a glass of champagne and glass of red and I had the makings of a fine lunch.

3pm and back to the start of the semis. We now both slumped into a carb induced coma that wasn’t fun at all. You all know what I mean, when you are literally fighting with yourself to stay awake to the point where it’s really uncomfortable. Even though we both knew that this would happen, we both still did it and I’m sure we will do many times again. All in all, it was a great day and we got home at around 11pm last night.

Happy days.

 So what’s my point today?

I’m not telling you to not do what we did. We all need to live and live well. We all need to relax and enjoy ourselves and I for one think that eating and drinking is one of life’s pleasures that should be enjoyed often. I just want you to be aware that EVERYTHING you eat has a response in the body. 

Many people are oblivious to this fact and just can’t understand why they have no energy or they are sleeping badly. The carbohydrates mixed with a little alcohol is a recipe for disaster and needs to be avoided if you want to stay awake in a meeting or a review with your boss in the afternoon. Carbs in the morning can be tolerated by some but most of us will feel a slump come 11am. Protein and a good source of fat will keep your energy high, your satiety levels up and your brain functioning well.

Every food source will illicit a hormonal response and it’s up to you what hormones you want to govern your life. Carbohydrates have their place in your diet. I’m a big believer in carbs after an intense workout and also at night time. Your evening meal can have a good source of carbohydrates. The carb induced coma in the day is not cool. In the evening it is most desirable as carbs will promote serotonin and melatonin which makes you happy, sleepy and satisfied. 

Perfect for a good nights sleep. When we sleep we release the majority of our growth hormone which just happens to be a potent fat burner. Better sleep equals accelerated fat loss.

Sounds like a winner to me!

Take away points – Eat your carbs in the evening and/or after a workout. Avoid them during the day and focus on good sources of protein and fat. You will lose more body fat, have better energy, physically and mentally.

What else do you need?

Have a great weekend everybody.



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