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So now you are adequately hydrated from making Part 1 a successful habit we can move to Part 2.

What you missed Part 1???… or you even missed the intro on what this 9 Weeks To A Better You is all about?

No problem, just play catchup by clicking the links and come back to Part 2 afterwards

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Introduction

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Part 1

Now if you’re anything like 95% of us you’ll read this article and then take no action.

Now if you think it’s a load of rubbish then that is fair enough, I mean why would you act.

However if it makes sense and you agree and then don’t act upon it, then don’t expect any New You to happen.

We live in a society that dishes out fast food information at an incredible rate.

We filter the information and occasionally act upon it even if we agreed with it.

Many of us, my past self included, will read, hear, see something that makes perfect sense and then do nothing.

That something then drifts away into the depths of consciousness to be lost forever, well at least until the subject arises again… When it’ll go through a similar process.

Now remember this is 9 Steps to a better you. The key is to make the steps/parts easy to understand and apply.

And this leads nicely to what Part 2 actually is.

Part 2 :: Be An Action Taker!

Simple isn’t it.

All that is required right now and moving forward for let’s say … FOR EVER is to be a person of action.

Be the person that either definitively DOES something or discards something, don’t save that ‘thing’ for someday or when you’re ready or when the timing is right or so on and any other excuse we cleverly throw into our minds path.

Even better is when someone will TRY something. Oh yes the mind is great at using this excellent self deception excuse.

We’ll try something for a while but we never actually believed we’d do it or we just use try as a flat out excuse to someone that asks us to help them out.

Better to say you’ll not do something than try it.

As Yoda says to Luke in the swamps of Dagobah when Luke is being wishy washy about making something happen……. Do or do not, there is no try!’ (Now repeat in Yoda voice)

What is one major characteristic that differentiates highly successful people from the other people?

It’s their willingness to take focused action in a good direction.

((Success comes in many forms – love, happiness, work, money, influence, you get the idea. One persons success may differ from another’s but we all have our own perceptions on what that word means to us.))

So make a conscious decision now to be the person that stops saying; ‘I’ll do that someday’ and replace it with; ‘I’ll do it now’

Learning how to Eat right – Do it now

Practicing your new learnt skill in eating right – start it now with basics

Drink more water once you know how much to drink (click on Part 1 at the top of this page to find out) – get the ball rolling now

Exercising three days a week – take action now

Making a journal about all the great things your partner does and it’s why they are so amazing – start it now

As one brand so cleverly coined the phrase; ‘Just Do It’

Get it done …. Now

Action takers life better more successful lives.

I’ll leave you with the great quote

“There are three types of people in this World,

Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that say what happened!”

Which one are you??

Ps if it’s not the first one that make it the first one from NOW on

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