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Carbs Are EVIL :)

Many of you reading this will be pleased to know that I put on 5 pounds over Christmas and New Year.

Just over 2kg for those that prefer the metric system

^^^What this means is that I’m exactly like you^^^

I said to myself, ” If I want it, I’m gonna have it”

So I did

I wanted a bottle of Prosecco with my breakfast of scrambled eggs on a cinnamon and raisin bagel… I had it

I may have been slightly inebriated by 11am but who cares?

I really fancied a second bowl of trifle after we demolished the cheese board my mum laid out at 8pm that night.

So I had it

Btw, a cheese board has the ability to conquer the world….


If you indulged over Christmas and New Year then it doesn’t matter today.

That was then and today is the 5th January 2015.

We ALL have the ability to turn things around and proceed in the right direction, whether that is weight loss, sports performance, general fitness and other area of your life.

Where you are right now, in every single aspect of your life, is because of the choices and decisions that you have made.


If you have weight to lose then it’s because you have eaten too much and not exercised enough. Every aspect of life from health, relationships, career, finances and parenting, your choices have given you the results that you have TODAY!

But you can remedy all of this by taking the right steps so that in one year, you are in a very different place to where you are now.

The results can be DRAMATIC

Staggering even…

Success in any area of life is a few simple disciplines practised every day. Easy to do but also easy not to do.

You need discipline. Consistent self-discipline, applied every day.

Here at UCF, we know EXACTLY what’s needed to burn 5 pounds of body fat in a few weeks

Or whatever weight YOU put on over Christmas

For those that also know how to do this….excellent. I know there are many of you reading this that don’t know and that is where we can help.

How much did you indulge?

How much weight did you put on?

Want to start TODAY in creating a better you?

We have online coaching available for those that are self sufficient yet just need steering in the right direction

We have 1-2-1 Personal Training for those that need to fully immersed in their fitness progress and results and…

We have BootCamp every Saturday for those that prefer to exercise in a group setting but still want amazing results like >>>these<<<

And finally, we have our semi-private personal training which allows two of you to train together at a reduced price for the session. Excellent results at a price you can all afford

What will work best for you?

It’s Monday the 5th January.

Time to make those changes if necessary 

Contact me by return of this email or on my personal email

All the best for 2015



PS. Take action NOW and start as you mean to go on!

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