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7 Ways To Accelerate Fat Burning

fat burning

7 ways to accelerate fat burning

Who doesn’t want to burn some body fat and shed a few pounds?

I for one had a few extra to shift this January.

Operation washboard stomach is well underway, thanks.

How are your fat loss efforts going so far?

Still struggling with ineffective training and calorie restricted diets?

^^^calorie restriction doesn’t work anyway^^^

Here are my top 7 ways to burn a tonne of body fat, shed a few pounds of lard and feel good and sexy about yourself again :)

#1 – High protein, medium fat and a low carbohydrate diet

Tip – work harder on your diet than you do on your training 

^^^true story^^^

#2 –  Heavy resistance or weight training

Tip – the most effective fat burner available, increase your weights whenever possible

3) Sprints.

Hill sprints, park sprints, track sprints

Tip – be injury free and just sprint, god damn it!

4) Sled pushes/pulls – brutal but effective

Tip – No sled available, pick up your partner/spouse and walk around with them on your shoulder. You will look silly but who cares when you are ripped :)

5) Farmers walk

Tip – pick up the heaviest dumbbells/kettlebells in the gym and walk for 60 secs. Rest 60 secs and repeat 5 times

6) Skipping

Tip – yep, the good ol’ skipping rope is a great way to burn body fat. Skip for 60 secs, rest for 30. Repeat 10 times

7) Circuit training/Bootcamp or similar

Tip – Any high intensity session will work

8) Bonus tip – No yogging.


No really….


And yes I did say YOGGING.

For those that have seen “Anchor Man” you will know what I am talking about.

For those that haven’t, check out the link to YouTube

So there are my top 7 ways to burn fat.

Are you performing one or more of these at least 3 times per week?

I have nothing against jogging.

All those out there that like it and/or are training for a 10km run, a marathon or something similar then you must go jogging, but I am talking about effective fat burning here.

A 5km run/jog plays a part in my fitness plan but I use it for endurance and sometimes it’s nice to back off from the high intensity stuff.

If you are NOT training for an event, you don’t need to be jogging anymore than once per month!

Have an amazing weekend and speak to you on Monday.

Gav “Not yogging much” Gillibrand


PS. Check out why sprints are SO good<<<—-here


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