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Meet Hilary :)

It’s Monday and I’ve got some great news to share with you.

Hilary Cryan has been working very hard in the gym and achieved something pretty special…

…take a look and see what she says.

It’s long but worth the read…

^^^this is the edited version too lol^^^

“One year ago I was bordering on obesity and loathed the way that I looked. 

I was convinced I could lose the weight at any time if I really applied myself but I had been yo-yoing with the same 5 lbs for months. 

During the week, I’d lose 5 lbs through counting calories and running, then blow it on the weekend when I went to the pub.

By Monday, all 5 lbs would be back.

I knew I needed a new strategy and some motivational help, so a friend recommended me to UCF. 

At the start of my first training session, I told Gavin I was in pretty good shape and he didn’t need to go easy on me.  

Running had never prepared me to work so many muscles so intensely in such a short period of time.  I could run 10 miles but I could barely make it to the end of my first 30 min session.  

One month into training, I got engaged and had 7 months to lose 25 lbs before the wedding. 

I battled through my training sessions with everything I could give, and hit the gym on my own 2-3 days per week. 

I sort-of followed Gavin’s advice on nutrition and the weight slowly started to disappear, but I continued to put the emphasis on training and continued my weekends of blow outs at the pub.  

With 3 months to go before the wedding, I tried on my dress and I wasn’t happy with how I looked.   I had chosen a fitted dress as motivation to lose the weight but it barely zipped up and I felt frumpy and self-conscious. 

I decided that I couldn’t allow myself to feel that way on my wedding day and it was time to really pay attention to Gavin’s nutritional advice.  

I didn’t have much time left, so Gavin advised that I follow his Fat Furnace plan up to the wedding day and plan one ‘treat meal’ every week.  

Three weeks before the wedding, I had my next dress fitting where the tailor would decide if I needed to fork out a fortune to make the dress bigger.  I was so nervous that I brought two good friends along for moral support just in case. 

The tailor zipped up the dress, took one look at me and started applauding. 

It not only fit, he needed to take it in!  

My wedding day was March 21st and not only did folks compliment me on how great I looked, they pointed out how amazing my arms looked too! 

I’d never had toned arms before and my bingo wings were finally gone! 

Instead of hiding from the camera on my wedding day, I never once thought about my weight or how I looked. 

This peace of mind was the greatest gift Gavin could have given me.

I lost 23 lbs in total but more importantly, I learned that the number on the scale means nothing. It may not be the lowest weight I’ve ever been but I am in the smallest dress size I’ve ever worn and have never felt stronger or had more ease running up the tube escalators.

Gavin has completely changed my relationship with food and saved me from hours and hours of running on treadmills. 

Now that the honeymoon is over, I can’t wait to hit the gym again”


How AMAZING is this transformation from Hilary?

Hilary, is an absolute joy to work with and puts in 100% effort in every single session…

…I had no doubt she would achieve her goal for the wedding.

But it doesn’t end there…

Hilary has seen what she can do and wishes to take this one step further and I am more than happy to help her achieve her health & fitness goals.

Congratulations on your marriage Hilary.

I’m sure you will have an amazing life together.

I hope the honeymoon hasn’t done too much damage…

…see you on Wednesday morning at 6.30am.

Hilary I mean…not you :)


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Oh btw….here is Hilary again.



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