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Meet Lynne :)

My client, Lynne Lowery just got married on Saturday and we’ve been working towards that for a few months now.

I’m going to let Lynne do all the talking here so over to Lynne.

“Late last summer, my new fiancé and I did a butchery course at the Ginger Pig and it was there that I met Gav & Tom.

I could see Gav sizing me up as a future project and talking to him over cote de boeuf, dauphinoise potatoes and red wine!

^^^I didn’t…honest :)^^^

“I admitted what I had secretly known for some time … I was heading towards contented middle age and with the big 50 looming and a wedding to plan for in March, I knew I had somehow slipped into what was probably the worst shape of my life. 

I didn’t want to be Fat & 50 and of course wanted to look great in my wedding photos…. But could I be bothered to change at this stage in my life? How could I fit in training …. and more importantly a radical change to my eating and drinking habits when it was such an integral part of my everyday existence?

I decided to start with the 14 Day Fat Furnace (instant gratification being much more my style than a long hard slog!)

My partner Ian and I did it together  and although it was really tough, we got great results and were really delighted.

But I still wasn’t ready to commit to the regular PT sessions, so thought I would try the online coaching… But another chat with Gav persuaded me to give it a go and six months on, here I am feeling in the BEST shape of my adult life.

Although I have only lost about 6kg in weight, my body shape is completely transformed and the clothes that had become uncomfortably tight / unwearable are now all hanging off me / in the bin (I shall be sending Gav the bill for the entire new wardrobe I have had to buy!) 

^^^I hope not^^^

I get married on Saturday ( 28th March 2015) and can’t wait to see Ian’s face when he sees me in my slinky wedding gown (which I bought when I still had a LONG way to go!)

It was incredibly hard to start with – especially with what felt like the deprivation in the early stages – and I fell off the wagon / cheated numerous times – and still do!

But I feel I have now made a genuine and permanent change to the way I eat and think about food, gained a real commitment to working out and feeling healthy and I’m determined not to slip back into my old ways.

Most importantly I feel really HEALTHY and full of energy , rather than being constantly tired.

Thanks Gav!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 16.01.19

Will send you a pic of me in the dress on Saturday”

As you read this, Lynne is on her honeymoon in the far east and will be back to continue an amazing job in a few weeks.

Congratulations to you Lynne, firstly on your marriage to Ian, I hope you have a wonderful life together, and secondly for achieving such great results…

…it truly warms the cockles of my heart when someone feels this good and makes an amazing change for the better in their life.

And guess what?

Lynne followed the plan.

She followed the advice…

…but more importantly, she took MASSIVE action.

Knowledge isn’t power.

It’s only potential power.

EXECUTION is power.

Until next week…

Be safe.



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PPS here’s Lynne again…

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 16.01.19

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