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How To Eat For AMAZING Results

So I was at the O2 last night, watching 3/5th’s of Take That in concert…

‘Twas an excellent show and I think most people would enjoy it even if they were not a fan…

…unless you have a penchant for “Death Metal” and are into Slipnot or Nepalm Death :)

Before the show, we ate at Rodizio Rico, the Brazilian BBQ place.

Great food if you are a carnivore, not so great if you are a herbivore.

Now what’s this got to do with health & fitness I hear you saying?

Well, let me tell you :)

I must have consumed about 500g of protein last night, which is about 350g more than I needed…

those all-you-can eat buffets…again!^^^

But it got me thinking as so many are still confused and sometimes concerned with the amount of protein you need to consume to get optimal results.

Note the word “optimal”

You only need about 40g per day to survive

And function and give you a basic level of repair and regeneration of your tissue and organs.

However, we don’t want to just survive do we?


We want to function optimally, burn a tonne of fat and have loads of energy all day long…

at least I assume you do if you are reading this newsletter :)

The basic formula is this –

***Consume 2g of protein for every kg of bodyweight***


60kg bodyweight = 120g protein

85kg bodyweight = 170g protein

Every meal you eat should be protein based…

…but the trick that accelerates your results is your consumption of vegetables with it.

Green veg makes a good meal become great.

For the vegetarians reading this, don’t despair.

You just have to work that much harder in achieving your daily intake of protein but it’s possible to make it work.

I’m a fan of omnivorism rather than being a pure carnivore.

For every portion of animal protein you eat, balance it with a large portion of vegetables.

Which is EXACTLY what I did last night.

To the scaremongers of the world that believe too much protein can cause health problems…

…I haven’t seen one solid study or piece of scientific literature to support that claim so you can relax on that front.

With over 25 years of experience, in and around the weights room and training,

I’ve seen the best results from the individuals that consumed a high protein diet…

And the ones that fail to achieve optimal levels of protein, results are much harder to come by.

Just saying…

That’s all from me today.

Catch you on Friday for more.

Gav :)

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