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This is So SIMPLE, Anyone Can Do it!

How was your weekend?

Who watched the tennis?

It was a fantastic game from two great champions.

I have to admit, I’m a fan of Roger Federer…

Not to take anything away from Djokovic of course…

..he is clearly no 1 in the world at the moment, evidently from his display yesterday, but there is something about Roger’s style and the fluidity of his shots that appeal to me.

He carries out his duties on the court with such aplomb, it’s like watching poetry in motion :)

As you read this newsletter, I will be playing tennis for the first time in about 20 years.

My old partner in grime, John Hewitt, trainer at LAX on London Wall, is an avid tennis fan and player.

He has challenged me to a game this morning over at his tennis club on the Olympic park.

The odds don’t look that good for me right now.

I haven’t played for 20 years, I’m borrowing a spare racket of his and I’m 41 years old.

OK OK, he is 42 but that aside, the smart money is on John.

Check back here on Wednesday to see the results :)

Speaking of results…

…did you see Mike’s amazing testimonial on Friday?

If not, please check it out here <<<====

On the subject of results, are you achieving what YOU want from your current health & fitness plan?

If you are not, what’s holding you back?

Maybe it’s your training schedule or frequency or maybe it’s your commitment or rather lack of commitment to your diet and nutrition that is the problem?

Over the years that I’ve been in this business, I come to realise that nine times out of ten, it’s a person’s diet that is the problem.

The correct training is obviously required as this acts as the stimulus but the diet should be your focus if you really want to achieve great results.

Are you doing the following?

1) Eating 4 meals per day consisting of lean sources of protein, green vegetables and healthy essential fats

2) Following the 2-1-1 formula

3) Preparing the bulk of your food and bringing it in to work.

4) Repeating this 5 days per week, Monday to Friday.

5) Keeping alcohol to a minimum

6) Eating one “cheat” per week

It’s very simple to obtain results.

It’s not easy but it’s very simple.

Focus on these basics every day and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

Focus on these basics before you add in all the extras that many people do.

Focus on these few basics, every single day.

For any questions on the above or any other topic that you need help with, drop me a line on

Have a great day and see you on Wednesday.

Gav ” Not Roger Federer” Gillibrand

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