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HIIT is The Way To Go!

Page 27 of the Evening Standard on Monday night said…

“How to burn twice the calories in half the time”

Anyone read the article?

To summarise very quickly, it said that “HIIT” or high intensity interval training was the way to go.

No SH*T Sherlock!

Tom and I have been mentioning this for about fifteen years and four years on this newsletter alone.

But I’m pretty positive most of you reading this are keeping your workouts short and the intensity high…

Aren’t you? :)

The scientific data is actually fairly ambiguous to be honest but let’s say that the results in terms of fat loss were exactly the same…

…do you want to spend 1hour on a treadmill or in a PT session or would you prefer to be done and dusted in 30mins or less and back at your desk within the hour?

I think we know the answer to that.

Good examples of “HIIT”

* Resistance/weight training

* Sprints

* Tabata

* Bootcamp

* Skipping

* Farmers walk

Sorry if I’m preaching to the converted.

I just see so many people every day in the City pounding the treadmills and the cross trainers…

…body fluid dripping off them…

…burning a good few calories no doubt but getting what in return?

Not much!

Have a great Wednesday everybody.

I’m collecting my daughter Mia today to bring back to London and we are off to Centreparcs on Friday for the weekend.

I think I’m more excited about the trip that Mia is…..ha!

Speak to you Friday

Gav :)

PS. 30min workouts with amazing results?

That is what we do, all day long.

Email for more details and get some results like these guys

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