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Meet Mike :)

Friday is upon us once again,

I want to continue the series of testimonials from recent weeks.

Mike is a guy I’ve known for about ten years.

He’d been getting the newsletters like many of you and never taken action with what we talk about.

He’d dip his toe into something now and again but not fully commit.

However, his 50th birthday was fast approaching and Mike remembered that I looked to get into the best shape of my life when I hit 40.

It took hard work, but he did it and I was happy with the results.

Mike decided he was going to go all in for a few months but does not live close enough to train with us. However he was committed to being a great student and here is his story and video;

“A little over one year ago, just as I turned 49 noticed that I was not a slim as I thought I was.  That is the strange thing about having a picture taken when you are relaxed and topless…  It is never as flattering as when you are “prepared”.    So I committed publicly (on Facebook at least) to the following:

Decided to start on a new fitness campaign. It is called “Fit as someone 1/2 your age”. The goal is to be as fit as a 25 year old by this time next year….” 

The idea was that I would train a bit harder and it would be okay.  That was the end of May 2014. I weighed 105KG and had a 37 inch waist..

By October I realised that I sill weighed too much and that my idea was not working out.  

Weighing 98Kg with a 36 inch waist. I decided to cut out sugar.  No sugar in my diet, even if it was an ingredient.  This meant that for the next 3 weeks I went through some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms but I started to notice a difference.  However I was still unguided.

It was at the end of February that I finally reached out to Tom.  I had been inspired by his photoshoot for his 40th and figured that if anyone knew how to loose the belly fat it was Tom.  

The first thing that he did was give me the 14 Day Fat Furnace and told me to read it.  I did this twice, just to make sure that I really understood what I was supposed to do.  In the following 14 days I changed my eating, removing any of the foods that were not on his list, and sticking to the training plan.  In those 14 days I lost 6kg and dropped 2 1/2 inches from my waist.  I was starting to get excited that I might even get close to looking like Tom…  

I decided that I was going to stick to the 14DFF and train hard for the rest of the period before my 50th in May.  The thing is that Tom’s guidance is better than my ideas.  

He tailored my training, ensuring that I was actually doing the HIIT sessions and that the weights were varied from the initial plan.  He then provided me with a tapering plan to ensure that I would be in the best shape possible for my Birthday photoshoot…  

In the last few days before my birthday I was still training hard and following the instructions and I was still seeing progress…  I weighed in a 85kg and have a 33 inch waist.  I got my photos done and posted the proof (not photoshopped!) onto Facebook. The most fantastic thing was that someone commented to my wife that they thought that I actually had the body of a 25 year old…  It made her day.  Certainly made mine when I found out.  

My lessons from all of this were simple.  Firstly get help with your goal, get advice and guidance from someone who has been there and done it before.  It is so much better than doing it alone!

Secondly, get rid of the comfort food from your home.  It is far too easy to just have a little bit of something if it is there.  Lastly, commit publicly to your goals.  By sharing this information with others you can be held to account.  It is so satisfying to get the results but even more so when you can share them with others.

The bottom line for me is that Tom has changed my life, I am fitter than ever and enjoying they way I feel. Thank you Tom for your support and guidance. It made all the difference.”

Click the video below to play…….


Let me know if you are ready to make some changes like Mike.

Either Gav, myself or one of the team will be happy to help, but only if the desire and drive is there.

We offer an online service for those focused on getting results!





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