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Just Like Riding a Bike

Hands up if you can ride a bike?

Yes, everyone reading this can do that but what if we changed just one simple thing on the bike…

…like the steering.

What if, when you turned right the bike turned left and when you turned left, the bike turns right?

Destin Sandlin is an engineer who runs an educational video series on YouTube called “Smarter every day”

His team designed the “backwards brain bicycle” and he took it all over the world to many conferences to see if anyone could ride the bike.

Still think you could master the bike?

Do you think you could even ride the bicycle ten feet?

Or even three feet?

Well it turns out that it’s impossible to do this because of the way the brain works when learning the skill as a child.

Something as simple as riding a bike becomes ingrained into our head, it creates a rigid way of thinking and you find it very hard to change it, even if you want to.

Destin decided to practice every day for just five to ten minutes and it took him a whole eight months to ride the bike properly.

Basically, to unlearn the skill that was deeply embedded into his brain.

What was amazing is that his six year old son, with just five minutes of daily practice, managed to tame the bike in just two weeks.

This demonstrates that children have much more neural plasticity in the brain which is why children can learn up to seven languages fluently before the age of ten, given the chance.

So how does this relate to fitness, diet and nutrition?

Well it would explain why many can’t stick to diets or consistent gym or exercise sessions, even when they know what to do and why they are doing it.

You have the knowledge but you don’t have the understanding, therefore knowledge does not equal understanding.

You might know what you should eat and why but actually putting that into practice is another thing.

You might have great discipline and intentions in the beginning but your old destructive patterns that are deep rooted in your brain from your childhood may drag you back down again and help you fail.

So what’s the solution?

Taking one small piece of the puzzle at a time.

Instead of changing the whole diet, focus on just breakfast for 7 days.

Instead of working out seven times per week, work out twice per week for a month…

…and instead of wanting radical results in two weeks, appreciate the fact that the results you want will take time.

Your daily life is based around habits that you have been practicing for virtually the whole time you have been on the planet, so it’s naive to think you can change things overnight.

Going back to Destin and his bike.

After eight months of riding the backwards bike, he then couldn’t ride a normal bike straight away.

He had unlearned how to ride a normal bicycle so had to relearn this skill.

Once you master the simple habits in diet, nutrition and exercise you will find them so easy they will become automatic…

…so automatic that you will find it very hard to go back to your old destructive patterns and that’s what we all want right?

We can show you how to master the basics.

It will be as simple as riding a bike…

Have a great Monday and speak to you all on Wednesday.

Gav :)

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