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Meet kirsty :)

Happy Monday.

Let me tell you about Kirsty.

Kirsty came for a nutritional consultation with me a few months….

…she wanted to look at her diet and see what we could do to optimise her energy.

If we could help her “obtain a six pack then that will be OK too” she said.

I suggested she come along to our “Why Supplements” event as I felt she would benefit from this greatly.

I will let Kirsty take it from here.

“I have now been taking the healthpak from USANA for almost 3 months and the differences are significant. I attended the nutrition seminar and listening to the evidence presented and I was convinced.

There have been 3 significant changes that I have noticed since taking the supplements;

  • Sleep pattern and quality of sleep
  • Muscle recovery
  • Body function

Within the first 3 days I noticed a significant difference to my sleep pattern. I slept longer, woke in the middle of the night less and felt far more energised on waking. A big difference to my previous sleep pattern of broken sleep and constant feeling of fatigue.

I train on average between 5 and 6 days out of 7 with a variety of cardio, free weights and thai boxing. My normal state was that some, and occasionally all, of my body hurt on a regular basis it was just degrees of pain. Within a week I noticed that I wasn’t in so much pain even though I had increased the intensity.

I have just come back from my second trip to Thailand to a Muay Thai boxing camp. On my first visit in January my muscle soreness was so great that it restricted my movement and running was completely out for a couple of days. This time round I was able to add in extra one hour training sessions on top of the standard 4 hours of training daily as my muscles weren’t tight and cramped.

The third area of change is around the way my body functions. I seem to be able to metabolise food easier. In general my body feels as if it is working better than before.

I am a convert because for me the differences have been so marked.

Regards Kirsty”

What a fantastic testimonial…

…who would have thought that a few vitamins and minerals could make all the difference to your short term health?

Well actually, we would.

In fact we KNOW it does and Kirsty’s testimonial is one of many from using great supplements.

Of course, most supplements do not have the quality and the guaranteed potency that USANA does which is why we trust the no 1 brand on the market and the official supplement for over 700 pro athletes across the globe.

And it’s not just short term health.

Your body is incredibly resilient which means many symptoms of damage from oxidation and general wear and tear will not manifest until we reach “old age”…

…which is why many of the conditions and degenerative diseases that 9/10 of us die from are consider diseases of old age.

This I’m afraid is nonsense.

The damage is inflicted now.

Right now.

In fact, evidence of heart disease has been seen in children as young as 8 years old.

But, you can protect and optimise your health, increase your energy and help yourself to live a long and healthy life.

Just like Kirsty did.

I’ll leave that with you for now

Gav :)

PS. Drop me a line of you want to know more about the USANA brand.

It could be your smartest move this week.

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