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I Just Can’t Lose Weight, I’ve Got Big Bones :)

I just can’t lose weight, whatever I do…

I’ve tried everything possible…

I’ve got big bones…

It runs in the family…

I‘ve never been able to lose weight so I’ve given up trying…

It’s not my fault, it’s always someone’s birthday in the office…

I didn’t have a choice, as there were only chips on the menu…

I only had like 3 glasses of wine…and it was red so…

I’ve been good all week (It’s Tuesday!)

What do all of those statements have in common?


Yep my well-heeled friends, that’s right, they are all BS!

Have you EVER said one or more of these before?

Do you know anyone that has said any of these before?

You have and you do?

Yea I figured you would have because Tom and I hear it every week.

In twenty years in this business, I’ve yet to meet anyone that couldn’t lose body fat if they followed a plan with consistency.

That isn’t to say that it doesn’t exist…I’m sure it does but it’s so uncommon it’s not worth bothering about.

The flip side of that coin is that I’ve met many people that don’t get any results yet spout excuses every week and can’t or rather won’t, follow a simple plan.

I don’t want that to be YOU!

You haven’t got big bones and you haven’t tried everything.

They are just excuses.

You’ve just tried several things that don’t work :)

Here at Ultimate City Fitness, we show you what works, show you what to eat, when, how much and why?

The rest is up to you.

We have quite a few new people this year receiving our newsletter which is great!

Welcome and I hope you enjoy.

Here is a great place to start.

Have a great weekend

Gav :)

PS. These guys don’t have big bones either <<<====

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