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Team UCF

Ultimate City Fitness and Ultimate City Bootcamps were founded back in February of 2011. The UCF team consists of  Gavin Gillibrand BSc. and Tom Dyer

Lets learn more about the team-


Gavin has enjoyed participating in sport and exercise from early childhood. He participated at County and Eastern County Level U15-U19 in Rugby, Football and Cricket and pursued this interest from an academic perspective attaining a degree in Sports and Exercise Science from Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education. With his love of weight training and Bodybuilding, he quickly moved in to the field of Personal Training after graduation in 1996.

Gavin’s goal is that each client leaves every single one of his Bootcamps feeling strong, positive and energized. He has a wealth of experience and over the last 15 years, he has continued to pursue and update his qualifications in this field, notably, training with the world-renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach, Charles Poliquin.

He is affectionately nicknamed the “FAT LOSS GURU” within the industry and his ability to achieve excellent results within realistic timescales led him to form ULTIMATE CITY BOOTCAMPS.



For Tom the subject of health and wellness is a passion. From the initial interest in improving his own body and fitness levels, to then taking that a step further to helping others that are open to improve themselves, he always looks to maximize results.

Having also attended the University of Gloucester, studying Sports and Exercise Science, he met Gavin and realized they shared interests, and the partnership in UCB was an obvious progression.

With over 15 years of experience in Personal Training in both Europe and the UK, he has travelled extensively adding to his knowledge. Time spent with some of the World’s top Fitness coaches; Paul Check and Ian King has put him in good stead to guarantee success with his clients here and now. Tom has also graced the cover of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness here in the UK and is currently the online fitness presenter for Multipower.

Tom likes training to be Fun and not a chore, something to look forward to and not dread.

It’s something that fits into a busy lifestyle, but maximises results.

This mindset is very much a part of the UCB lifestyle and he looks forward to seeing you reaching your health, fitness, fat burning, muscle toning, dress size losing, etc goals while having fun at the same time!


So what does an ULTIMATE CITY BOOTCAMP consist of?

Our Bootcamp is a high intensity circuit based workout using every muscle in the body. Typically, each station or piece of exercise equipment will be performed for 1 minute before moving to the next station. This allows “Bootcampers” with a range of fitness levels to participate at a level that is suitable for them. Someone with a high level of fitness may perform 30 repetitions of a given exercise whereas a beginner may perform just 10 reps in the minute. This is the beauty of Bootcamp. A bootcamp session will last approx 45-60 mins and you can expect to burn approx 600kcal during a session.

Bootcamp or something very similar in structure is the only group exercise class, I believe, anyone should take part in if they wish to achieve good results.

What type of results can you achieve from participating in our Bootcamp?

  1. Total body conditioning. Will use every muscle in your body and use a lot of calories
  2. Body fat loss. Bootcamp will tap into those fat stores and burn a serious amount of fat
  3. Muscular endurance. The abiltity to exercise for a sustained period of time
  4. Aerobic and Anaerobic workout. This means you can increase your general fitness aswell as your strength at the same time.
  5. Alleviate boredom. Bootcamps are challenging so you never get bored unlike conventional ways of working out.
  6. Build confidence. Each bootcamp will leave you with a sense of satisfaction. You are tired and sweaty, yet strangely energised ready to push yourself harder the next time. Each workout will build confidence in your physical ability which can cross over into all aspects of your life
  7. The fun aspect. Lets not forget this. Exercise should and needs to be fun or you wont continue. Our Bootcamp is tough but guaranteed to put a smile on your face :-)
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