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Open For Grass Fed Steak

Read on and we’ll show you how to get some of the best grass fed meat in the business…..

If you want results then it all starts from the start of the day and this sets up fat loss/improved body composition and success or failure from the start of the day. Combine this with other teachings in our 14 Day Fat Furnace™ book and what we write either in these newsletters, in our blog or at our talks and you’re on track to looking better in your undies and feeling better as a result.We won’t even go into all the health benefits and the potential life extension factors from living a healthier lifestyle.
It’s respect to your loving family and friends to eat well and exercise because if you get sick as a result of inactivity and poor food choices then you burden them with looking after you…. Just saying 😉
One of the ways to eat well is to get your food from sources you trust. We will feature some of the companies we use in the coming weeks.

Do You Even Lift Bro?

Yes do you even lift bro is a phrase that gets thrown about in gyms right now.

But only 11% of us exercise or lift the other 89% of the nation would answer; “No bro”

Yes I am pretty sure if you stopped someone in the street and asked them if they think exercise is good for them that 99% would say yes… there will always be one smart arse in 100 that will try and argue black is white or vice versa for the sake of it :)

So I’ll take it as read that you agree that exercise is GOOD for you.

So why only 11% of us that do it?


Meet Duncan……

Meet Duncan ….

Duncan worked with Gav on his goals and was very happy with the results. Great work to them both.

Here’s his testimonial;

“I’m a 37 years old guy and have worked in the City for 13 years.

In October 2012 I was over 15 stone and hadn’t been to the gym in earnest or done any consistent exercise for over 4 years. As with many city workers my lifestyle was extremely unhealthy, late night drinking, smoking and a bad diet. I kept putting off going to the gym, using any excuse not to get started, until one of my friends introduced me to Gav.

I met with him for a consultation to run through what I wanted to achieve and thank God I did because he changed my life.

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