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9 weeks to a new you!

Life, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it!

50 – 100 trillions cells all with their own jobs to do in keeping you upright, breathing, at the same temperature, while thinking, and moving, and digesting, and defending, and blinking, and feeling, and loving, and hearing, and seeing, and I guess you get the point.

100 trillion is a lot!

If we use time as a reference and went back a trillion seconds we would go back to about 30,000 BC, or about 32,000 years ago.

100 trillion would take a step back 3.2 million years so that is quite a few cells

We need to look after them in order for then to look after us. We are their keeper.

So once again…. Life, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it!!

However it does not come with an instruction booklet and it’s kind of hit and miss on whether you’re on the right road to living a successful life (in whatever guise you feel that resonates with you) or not.

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