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All About Tom

Tom Dyer, Co-owner of Ultimate City Fitness, London. Tom has been involved in the fitness and health industry for over 20 years, spending time studying and working all over the World. Tom works with many top fitness professionals and nutritionists and has been published in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines.

Ultimate City Fitness specialise in getting their clients into great shape via a healthy and sustainable route while teaching them how to maintain this long term. This combines smart metabolic exercise programs, the latest nutritional research and good lifestyle habits. ‘If you don’t look after your body, then where are you going to live’ is a good mantra to live by!

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All about Gav

It’s time for some payback and to introduce you to Gavin (Gav!)

I have done this post for two reasons.

Firstly, to respond to Gav’s post about myself a while back as he is the true reason that Ultimate City Fitness and Bootcamps is here.

Secondly, and just as Gav mentioned in his post, I feel its important that you know who we are and that we walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

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Fat Loss Personal Trainer London

Gavin Gillibrand BSc.

Fat loss personal trainer london

Gavin graduated in 1996 with a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and his love of training in the gym and nutrition led him to the world of personal training. From aerobics and spin instructor in the early days to strength and conditioning coach in the present, Gavin has trained with the very best in the industry. The likes of Charles Poliquin and Paul Chek to name a few.

Gavin’s expertise lies in fat loss and body conditioning and has successfully helped 100’s of clients in the last few years achieve their fat and weight loss goals. The recent body transformation in Men’s Health of John Barnes, the Ex England football player saw John lose nearly 10kg in just 4 weeks.He currently has a very successful personal training business in the City of London and co owns Ultimate City Bootcamps of course, Ultimate City Fitness.

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