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The Power Of Nootropics

Many of you will have seen the film “Limitless”.

For those that haven’t, it’s basically about a guy (Bradley Cooper) that takes a pill and his whole life becomes incredible beyond measure. He learns fluent Italian in a few days, he writes the most amazing book in a week where previously he had taken months to write a few words and he learns to trade in stocks and earn hundreds of millions of dollars literally overnight.


Imagine if we could pop a pill and our results were the same?

Imagine if someone invented something like this and you could achieve anything you wanted in life within a week?

Imagine if your life became limitless?


Well, the truth is this. Someone hasn’t and it’s unlikely they will, at least in my lifetime.

But let me share with you the next best thing.

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Super Skinny Doesn’t Always Mean Succees

This post came about after a new client of mine in the gym said she was “desperate” to get back into her skinny jeans.

My client told me that she had previously achieved great results from running and restricting her calories and was concerned that resistance training would make her bulky. It’s always fascinating to me to get this type of objection. I explained that “bulking up”wouldn’t be an issue and sent her this post here.

Problem solved.

Another happy client, converted to the joys of resistance training and fantastic results. Or so I thought.

She arrived at the next session with her skinny jeans and said she “needed to get back into these jeans and will weight training help her do that?”

“I want to look like Jennifer Aniston” she said…..

Personally, I’m a fan of Jennifer and her physical attributes but the only person that can look like her and have a body shaped like her is her. No one else.

super skinny

I looked at the jeans. They were skinny for sure, but what was even more alarming was the fact that the phrase “super skinny” was printed on the inside of the jeans around the waist.

Here is my problem with that.

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Welcome To The 5am Club

5am club

I want to talk to you about something that has changed my life.

I don’t say it lightly when I say that.

This has literally changed the way I think about everything in life.

The way I speak to people, my outlook on life, my mood and my productivity.

I have been getting up at 5am every day, 7 days per week since the 1st April.

It wasn’t planned that I start on the 1st April ; it just seemed to turn out that way.

Now I’m sure many of you reading this are thinking, ” how can getting up at 5am every day be beneficial in any way, shape or form?”, never mind change my life.

Allow me to explain… Some of you may have heard of Robin Sharma, but many of you won’t have.

Robin Sharma is the author of 15 books, a leadership expert and motivational speaker from Toronto.

He is considered as a bit of a “guru” within the personal development world.

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21 Things To Change Your Life

21 Things To Change your life

21 Things To Change Your Life

We are back from the USA now…

We had an amazing time and I learnt loads of great stuff, too much to go into detail so I thought I would summarise in brief.

Here are 21 ideas, suggestions and invaluable snippets of information that may or may not enhance your life going forward.

Feel free to use the bits that make sense and discard the rest. If you want to know more about any individual point then please drop me an email, I’m always happy to help.

1) The American’s love their food and the portions are just ridiculous in size (I’m not complaining)

2) Fasting on the plane really does reduce jet-lag

3) Alarmingly, recent studies have tested the umbilical cord of unborn babies for toxins and discovered over 250 chemicals present, many of which are now banned. This means the mothers are passing down these chemicals from pollution, the environment and from our food and water supply.

4) I love climbing mountains :)

5) Only 1% of our children meet the RDA levels of nutrients in their diet. RDA means recommended daily allowance. Optimal levels are MUCH higher.

6) 1 glass of red wine per day can really benefit your health. Fish oil is even better for your health.

7) Feed your mind as well as your body. Personal development/reading is absolutely key here.

15-30min every day or more to really get ahead in life. Personal development will pay you back 30 x your investment over your lifetime.

8) People tend to think more about weight loss than disease prevention. FACT.

9) There is greatness inside EVERY ONE of you reading this newsletter. Don’t forget that.

10) Dream big. Then dream BIGGER. If people don’t laugh at your goal then it’s not big enough!

11) If you haven’t seen a Tony Robbins seminar before then I recommend him 100%.

12) Gut health/digestion is more important that you realise. 100’s of ailments like tiredness, bloating, lack of energy, restless sleep, poor motivation, crappy moods and much more are all linked with gut health and digestion.

You need digestive enzymes, probiotics and to masticate as much as possible :)

13) 10min of meditation per day can do wonders for your health, stress levels and mental well-being.

Check out the “headspace” app on iTunes.

14) Be very grateful for what you have. Many of us work hard to achieve more and that is fine but don’t forget what you have currently and be happy with that. Many will never have a fraction of what we have and millions all over the world don’t even have clean water, food and shoes to wear on their feet.

15) Call your Mum and Dad more often (calling mine today)

16) Try not to criticise anyone or talk behind their back.

17) Your health really is your greatest wealth. Clichéd but true.

18) I ate a cheesecake two nights ago in the “Cheesecake factory” that contained 1330 calories per slice.

19) Proximity is POWER. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting like-minded people and achieve even more in your life. You are the sum of the five people you hang around the most.

20) Write your goals out today. Set weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and yearly goals. You also need your 5 and 10 year goals. If you don’t, you will end up working for someone who has.

21) Try to do 30 mins of some form of exercise every day of you life. This will keep you young, fit, healthy and prevent many man made degenerative diseases that so many of us are dying from today.

Here is a bonus point, as I want to finish on a positive…

22) Be the happiest person you know. You have a choice every day to be happy or sad. YOU decide!

Have a great Wednesday and an amazing rest of the week.




The Secret To Eternal Life

The Secret To Eternal Life

How’s your week so far?

Making it count?

A load of you clicked on the link for the journal on Monday which actually surprised me but in a good way…

I wonder how many of you bought it or will buy it?

Taking action is the key right?

At the weekend, apart from a going for a wicked Chinese meal on Saturday night, I managed to get a sprint session in the park.

Many of you will know that I am a big fan of sprinting for so many reasons.

Check out this blog on sprints ====> here

But this bout of sprinting reminded me of a sprint session that took place last summer…

Check it out.

I got to the park at about 7.15am.

The sun was up and the grass was wet with dew. It was a lovely morning. There was no one to be seen apart from a lone jogger with a small dog trotting behind.

I think it was a Yorkshire terrier but I couldn’t be sure. That is largely irrelevant to what I want to tell you…

Out the corner of my eye, an old lady approached me.

She must have been in her 80’s.

She had a white velour-jogging suit on which made me smile, I have to be honest but it’s what she did next that prompted this newsletter.

She started doing step-ups on the curb, side bends and various other stretches.

I moved a little close to her, as I was fascinated.

It was just after 7am in the morning and here was the old lady out in the park getting it done.

As I moved closer I could see she was Chinese or Japanese possibly, and it was then she moved from the step ups into a series of arm and leg movements which I can only assume was “Tai Chi”

Please note that this is not Shoreditch park and this is not the oriental lady that I saw in a white velour jogging suit.

I carried on with my sprints for another 20 mins and she was still there practicing this discipline.

A lot can be learnt from this woman.

She was mid 80’s at least yet had the energy and youthful vigor of many 60 year olds.

The old adage ” use it or you lose it” sprang to mind.

Many people when they reach a certain age stop exercising and stop moving around and this is a BIG mistake.

Our bodies were designed to move.

We function best when we move.

The less we move, the faster we age and decay.

Our muscles atrophy, our joints seize up and our brainpower deteriorates.

We get old VERY quickly.

The point I am making is very simple.

You have to keep exercising and eating well if you want to live as long as possible.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that old people just naturally get old.

What I mean by this is that many of the conditions we see in the elderly are from poor lifestyle choices, not just because they have aged.

I see many people in their 60’s hunched over, hobbling with a crutch just waiting to expire.

If you believe current research, experts suggest that the human body can last as long as 100-120yrs.

This of course, depends on many things.

Exercise, nutrition, supplementation and genetics to a certain extent.

We hear about the odd person living until 120 years old and when you look at their life the same things ring true.

Lots of exercise, going to bed early and rising early, lots fresh air and clean, natural food.

I personally want to live forever but I’m quite sure that won’t happen :)

I am determined to stretch out my years by the study of good nutrition and exercise.

I want to live for as long as my genetics allow and I invite you to do the same.

Think about what you are doing to your body.

In the words of Nutritionist and anti-ageing specialist Dr Michael Colgan PhD…

“If you don’t look after your body, where you gonna live”

Until next time…



……..And Breath

So now you are adequately hydrated from making Part 1 a successful habit and you are now a person of action from Part 2!

What you missed Part 1 and/or Part 2???… or you even missed the intro on what this 9 Weeks To A Better You is all about?

No problem, just play catchup by clicking the links and come back to Part 3 afterwards

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Introduction

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Part 1

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Part 2 

Now you may remember that I said previously that I was going to use some of my contacts to help me forge these 9 steps. Health and wellness is something to be looked at from a holistic standpoint in our eyes here at UCF.

Yes we need to eat good food, drink enough water, sleep deep sleep, exercise in a smart manner, cut stress, take quality supplements and so on BUT you may know that oxygen and our ability to use it is kind of important for us homosapiens .

I’ve spent time studying breathing techniques through the years and look to apply them to my day to day routine. If you are feeling a little stressed then you start to shallow breath, this is bad news for the body. Get some space and deep breath.

I could continue with this interesting subject but I feel I will instead hand you over to Mags who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes (excuse the very obvious pun) this subject in her life as a passionate yoga instructor.

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It’s frustrating for me to see so many people not getting the results they want.

Getting in shape, losing body fat and improving our health is actually very easy once you know how.

Through this newsletter, our overriding aim has always been to show you or teach you how to do this. The information we share is not rocket science and is available 24/7 from a myriad of sources across the Internet. Admittedly, there is a lot of rubbish which is why we cut through the crap and tell you EXACTLY how to get the results you all want.

So why do so many not get results?

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So now you are adequately hydrated from making Part 1 a successful habit we can move to Part 2.

What you missed Part 1???… or you even missed the intro on what this 9 Weeks To A Better You is all about?

No problem, just play catchup by clicking the links and come back to Part 2 afterwards

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Introduction

CLICK 9 Weeks To A Better You :: Part 1

Now if you’re anything like 95% of us you’ll read this article and then take no action.

Now if you think it’s a load of rubbish then that is fair enough, I mean why would you act.

However if it makes sense and you agree and then don’t act upon it, then don’t expect any New You to happen.

We live in a society that dishes out fast food information at an incredible rate.

We filter the information and occasionally act upon it even if we agreed with it.

Many of us, my past self included, will read, hear, see something that makes perfect sense and then do nothing.

That something then drifts away into the depths of consciousness to be lost forever, well at least until the subject arises again… When it’ll go through a similar process.

Now remember this is 9 Steps to a better you. The key is to make the steps/parts easy to understand and apply.

And this leads nicely to what Part 2 actually is.
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Don’t Do What We Did!

It’s Friday!

photo copy

How has your week been?

Here at UCF things have been great. A fantastic week of training clients and a packed boot camp still to come tomorrow at 10am. If you don’t know about our Boot camp check it out here.

Yesterday, Tom and I were at The French Open in Paris to see the tennis. Mixed doubles final and the ladies semi-finals was the order of play. After 1 hour of the mixed doubles, we decided a spot of lunch was called for.

The pic above was pre-lunch :)

BREAD. I love it. Tom loves it. We all love it but it doesn’t make you look or feel that great….

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9 Weeks : New You! PART 1

My how fast the weeks go by?

Last week I talked about there being 9 weeks to a new you and it all starts today!

Yes, today is the first day of the rest of you life.

The past is past and we have no control over what happened then (unless you’re called Marty McFly) so let’s look at what we can change….

The future!

Want more energy?

Want better sleep?

Want to think clearer?

Want to be impressed after having a work health screening rather than dreading her results?

Want to lose some notches on that belt or even buy a new one?

Want to enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror and realise that aging is just a state of mind?

Want to get people asking you what you’re on as you’re looking younger?

Or you just want to improve on perfection….. 😉

Well, let’s start that journey with a simple yet vital step.

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