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You Gotta Train Those Wheels!


It’s Friday!

Plans for the weekend?

We had a fantastic response to our “Christmas Detox Pak” on Wednesday.

Six packs went straight away and we have asked USANA for another six…we are just waiting to here if we can get them in time for Christmas.

If you missed Wednesday’s newsletter you can read it here



Today I want to talk to you about your wheels.

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Tim Ferris & Charles Poliquin

I was listening to a great podcast the other day with Tim Ferris and Charles Poliquin.

For those that don’t know Tim Ferris, he wrote the “4 hour workweek” and the “4 hour body”

He is basically looks at successful people, people like billionaires, top sportsman and entrepreneurs and examines what makes them tick, their morning routines, picks apart how and why they are so successful in their field…

…and then tries to improve on that.

This is commonly known as “life hacking”

Basically getting something done in life, quicker, easier and more efficiently.

Charles Poliquin is considered to be one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

He has had Olympic medalists in about 18 different sports…

…suffice to say he knows his onions.

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HIIT is The Way To Go!

Page 27 of the Evening Standard on Monday night said…

“How to burn twice the calories in half the time”

Anyone read the article?

To summarise very quickly, it said that “HIIT” or high intensity interval training was the way to go.

No SH*T Sherlock!

Tom and I have been mentioning this for about fifteen years and four years on this newsletter alone.

But I’m pretty positive most of you reading this are keeping your workouts short and the intensity high…

Aren’t you? :)

The scientific data is actually fairly ambiguous to be honest but let’s say that the results in terms of fat loss were exactly the same…

…do you want to spend 1hour on a treadmill or in a PT session or would you prefer to be done and dusted in 30mins or less and back at your desk within the hour?

I think we know the answer to that.

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Eat Like This = Look Like a Pregnant Water Buffalo!

I had a great response from Monday’s newsletter.

It would appear that many of you have left if to the last minute before your holiday this year to get in shape,

So the “one week last desperate attempt to shed some fat plan” went down a treat :)

If you missed this then catch up here <<<<====

BUT…I made a big mistake which was pointed out by two people and no doubt noted by several others…

I said to eat 75kg of carbohydrate when I should have said 75g.

BIG difference.

Like a 1000 times bigger.

Now I know you all like carbs…I love carbs, but if you eat 75kg of carbs in one day, which so happens to be enough carbs for nearly 3 years…

…you will be more bloated than a pregnant water buffalo which is not a good look, trust me :)

That aside, a few people asked why I had a mix of low intensity and high intensity cardio in the plan

And why was low intensity cardio even there when I always seem to favour high intensity

Good question.

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The “Lose Fat in 7 Days” Plan – It’s Possible :)

Someone asked me the other week…

“If I have one week left before I go on holiday, what can I do to look my very best around the pool?”

I said ” Forget it, it’s too late. You needed to start 8 weeks ago… :)”

This reminds me of the old Chinese proverb.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

Many people leave getting in shape to the last minute and then get frustrated when they don’t get results just literally a few weeks before an event like a holiday, wedding or birthday.

You can’t do much in 7 days but this is what you COULD do, if push comes to shove.

Here is the…

…”lose as much fat as possible and look good for the beach in 7 days plan”

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How To Eat For AMAZING Results

So I was at the O2 last night, watching 3/5th’s of Take That in concert…

‘Twas an excellent show and I think most people would enjoy it even if they were not a fan…

…unless you have a penchant for “Death Metal” and are into Slipnot or Nepalm Death :)

Before the show, we ate at Rodizio Rico, the Brazilian BBQ place.

Great food if you are a carnivore, not so great if you are a herbivore.

Now what’s this got to do with health & fitness I hear you saying?

Well, let me tell you :)

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How To Lose Twice The Body Fat In Half The Time :)

If you are thinking of hitting the gym this weekend, you might want to give this routine a try…

I mentioned it about a month ago but it’s really been working rather well for me so I thought it was worth sharing again.

A couple of my clients have been using this to great affect.

The great news is that it can be started and finished within 30mins…

The bad news is that it’s barbarous if performed correctly.

***5min warmup on the WattBike***

Cycle at a reasonable pace, ensuring your legs are warm and your breathing fairly heavy.


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6 Things Killing YOUR Fat Loss

It’s Wednesday!

The Tony Robbins blog I promised you from Monday is ===> Here

I took 17 pages of notes over 4 days and condensed it all into this one blog post for you guys….check it out as I think you may enjoy it…

…remember, all you need is one piece of info that can change the course of you life.

In the meantime.

So many myths in and around the gym…

…so many people not getting the results they desire.

Here are 6 myths that are seriously killing your results from the gym and your fat loss.

#1 Eating carbs after 7pm will make you gain weight (fat)

Fact – it’s the overconsumption of calories that causes weight gain. It doesn’t matter one bit when you consume your carbs…BUT…you have to earn them

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The Best Compound Exercises

Compound exercises

It would appear that my newsletter about the best fat burning cardio ruffled a few feathers.

I didn’t realise so many people were attached to non-productive activities…. :)

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry :)

I just want you all to get the best results in the shortest time possible and I know deep down, so you do you!

Going a bit deeper this time, let’s look at what type of resistance training you should be doing for maximum fat loss.

First, let me ask you a question…

When you put body fat on, did you choose where it was stored? The answer of course is no and you all know that.

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7 Ways To Accelerate Fat Burning

fat burning

7 ways to accelerate fat burning

Who doesn’t want to burn some body fat and shed a few pounds?

I for one had a few extra to shift this January.

Operation washboard stomach is well underway, thanks.

How are your fat loss efforts going so far?

Still struggling with ineffective training and calorie restricted diets?

^^^calorie restriction doesn’t work anyway^^^

Here are my top 7 ways to burn a tonne of body fat, shed a few pounds of lard and feel good and sexy about yourself again :)

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