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Cardio Sucks

“Cardio sucks”

said one of my clients….

“As long as we don’t have to do lots of running and sitting on the bike, I will be happy, ”
she said….

My client had been told that to burn fat effectively, she would need to do lots of cardio, hence her comment…

The look on her face was priceless when I told her we wouldn’t set foot on a treadmill and that the stationary cycle would be gathering dust.

“The most effective way to burn body fat is with heavy weight training,” I said.

“We will also incorporate exercises like weighted sled pushes/pulls and heavy farmers walk into your programme. These exercises are highly anabolic”.

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Cardio : A Waste Of Breath?

You’ll have heard us mention on this blog, in our newsletters and in our talks that we feel conventional cardio is not the most effective way to be spending your gym time!

I see many of the same faces on the steppers for twenty-whatever minutes, then on the running machine, then on a stationery cycle, and finishing with some abs. Total gym time about 60-90 minutes. Total return on investment very little I am afraid (unless the goal is getting ready for a marathon/triathlon/etc)

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5km steady run or 5km interval for fat loss?

Having recently ran both a straight 5km and a HIIT (high intensity interval training) 5km on a treadmill, I thought I would explain the difference between the two in terms of calories burnt and fat loss.

Which of the two is more beneficial and why should you prefer one over the other?

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An important observation in FAT LOSS.

I woke up early on Sunday morning as I was due to catch an 830am train to King’s Lynn to see my daughter, Mia, for the day. I felt good so decided to go to my local park for a workout before breakfast. (work out to follow)

I jogged to the park which took about 5mins and started warming up with a few stretches. I had planned to do some sprints and possibly some body weight exercises in-between and as I was stretching I noticed that there was about 10-15 people jogging around the park, mostly all with headphones on.

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How to burn fat “FAST” and “EFFECTIVELY”

I talked about a few of my favourite fat burning circuits a while back in previous posts and now I have finally got round to filming them and getting them onto the BLOG.

First up we have a great TABATA circuit consisting of KB swings into Box jumps and Burpees. It’s a very tough, full body conditioning circuit designed to burn loads of fat and what’s more important is that your metabolism is raised for up-to 48 hrs which means you continue to burn body fat long after you finish. Sounds like a great idea to me :)

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Metabolic Finishers. The definitive FAT BURNER?

So what is a metabolic finisher?

Well as the name suggests, they are meant to be done after a conventional resistance workout, at the end of the session to rapidly increase fat burning. They can use equipment but I think it’s quite cool that the best ones can be performed with just your own body weight which means you can perform them anywhere you want which is particularly cool if you travel a lot with work and don’t always get access to a gym :)

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The “Mother” of all FAT LOSS plans

Welcome to MRT or Metabolic Resistance Training

For those that train with me already in the gym or come to our Boot camp, MRT will be familiar to you. For those that do not, grab a green tea and enjoy the read as you are about to find out the very best way to torch fat and build muscle all at the same time.

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Burn Fat Like A Blast Furnace!

fat loss


Hey guys,

I want to tell you about another highly effective fat burning circuit I have been using in the gym recently…

It takes about fifteen minutes, so can be done when you are pushed for time.

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Burn lots of fat in less than 10 minutes!

Hey guys,

A little later than usual, but as promised, here are the weekly tips.

Allow me to introduce TABATA.

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The best for fat loss!

Hey guys,

I hope you all have had a great week so far?

Just a quick line or two from me today to tell you about a workout I did the other day. I had 20 minutes before a client over at our boot camp studio and was due to train legs. I was short on time, but really up for doing something hard and effective, so this is what I did:

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