cipro prostate inflammation

The main reason you are probably not burning fat in the gym!

Morning guys,

I hope your week is going well so far?

I just booked a cheeky weekend to Ibiza for the closing parties in a few weeks, so I’m feeling particularly chipper today.

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Park Workout

Hey guys,

I hope you had a great weekend?

The weather was back, so on Sunday Paul and I made the most of it and went into Highbury fields and shot some off the cuff fitness videos, hard fat burning circuits that anyone can do at any time. Actually, the park was a bit overcrowded and people would have been staring so we found a basketball court that wasn’t being used and got into it.

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To spin or not to spin…That is the question!

In response to my controversial email on Friday which really did set the cat amongst the pigeons…I had no idea so many of you were attached to spinning! I know it’s popular but hopefully by the end of this email, you will think twice about sweating it out in the spin room…well only if you want results like increased fat loss that is :)

I write this email from scientific evidence within the industry and I also have a certain amount of knowledge having been a spinning instructor since 1998. I wonder why I don’t teach it to ANYONE now?

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Killer HIIT

A quick fat burning circuit that I performed the last week.

1- skipping for 2 mins
2- fast run on treadmill for 1 min (making sure to sprint for at least 10 seconds twice in this minute)
3- 20 burpees (jump up as high as possible)

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